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Thyroid levels-medicate or not?

In 2005, I was diagnosed with Hashimotos syndrome. Not really symptomatic.
I had my thyroid levels tested as follows- all done in Nov 2009 unless noted)
T3 free- 3.2
T3 Uptake- 33.0
T4- 5.8
T4 free- 1.0
T7 Index- 1.9
TNF-Alpha - 3.9 (feb 2008)
TSH- 3.85 (2/26/2008, and 4.44 (11/25/2009 one year later)

I am working with a well-known reproductive endocrinologist who is also looking at my PAI-1 levels because he says I am exhibiting signs of early IR (Insulin Resistance). My PAI-1 Levels tested at 139 (feb 2008) and improved to 87 (Nov 2009).
We may go to Metformin if diet and exercise does not spark some weight loss and PAI level improvement.
I want to know opinions of whether I should be looking at treating my Thyroid as well. My Dr. says that as the PAI improves, the whole metabolic system will improve.
But I exercise for 45 minutes to an hour 5 times a week and eat low carb 1100 cals a day and I am seeing ZERO results after 3 weeks. I am stuck at 185 pounds (5'7", 39 years old)
Anyone have an opinion on these tests and treatments??
I am trying to do everything naturally but it is very frustrating to see no results.
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Please post the reference ranges on your labs...they're specific to your lab and have to come from your own lab report.

Do you have thyroid symptoms now?

Which tests were used to diagnose your Hashi's?
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Here are the reference ranges used by the lab in parentheses along with my results.
PAI-1 levels (range 4-43) - 139 in Feb 2008, 87 in Nov 2009

T3 free(range 2.0-4.8) - 3.2
T3 Uptake(range 23.4-42.7) - 33.0
T4 (range 4.5-12.5) - 5.8
T4 free (range 0.8-1.7) - 1.0
T7 Index(range 1.2 - 4.3) - 1.9
TNF-Alpha (range 1.2-15.3) - 3.9 (feb 2008)
TSH (range 0.45-4.5) - 3.85 on 2/26/2008, and 4.44 on 11/25/2009 (one year later)

I had Hashimotos diagnosed when an Endo tested my Anti-Thyroid Antibodies in 2005. I have to dig the test out, but I do recall that it was not an incredibly high number like some folks. I THINK it was in the 700 range.
Symptoms? Lack of weight loss with exercise and low carb diet (consistent), dry, scaly scalp (i use T-gel shampoo on it), itchy legs (intermittent), fatigue (improves with exercise!), depression, noticably worse PMS irritability.
I look forward to hearing any opinions.
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I think a low trial dose of meds might be a good idea.  Current TSH reference range according to AACE is 0.3-3.0.  Your lab is using an obsolete range (most still do).  So, according to TSH, you are hypo.  Also, your FT4, while technically within range, is too low.  The rule of thumb target for FT4 is mid-range (allowing for individual differences), and yours is in the lowest quarter.  FT3 is in the middle third, which isn't too bad, but recommendation here is upper half to upper third.  Since you know you have Hashi's and things are only going to deteriorate, why accumulate a bunch more symptoms before going on meds?  Improving the levels of your thyroid hormones will also improve your metabolic system.
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