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Thyroid medication Euthyral cost and online access

I am currently taking a combination of T4/T3 separately. It’s taken a long time, battle and money to feeling somewhat ok since my thyroidectomy. And this current dosage is good, at 75 t4/25 t3.
I have found a combination medication in a good ratio (unlike Armour, etc).
Euthyral by Merck at 100 dosage is equivalent to 100 t4 and 20 t3. Close enough
Can anyone tell me the monthly cost of this medication prescribed in France? And, if it’s obtainable in the U.K. or online?
I will likely be paying out of pocket, when back in the U.K., until I can get settled.
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My thought is that if you feel OK then I would NOT fix what  is NOT broken!

The beauty of dual synthetic is that you can tailor each T3 and T4 separately. With a NDT medicine you are "stuck" with whatever ratio is in the medication. And if an adjustment is necessary, you will have to add a synthetic anyhow. So you would be back to taking two medications anyhow.

Some people do better on NDT while others better on dual synthetic.  Both my wife and daughter both do better on dual synthetic. Even when adding in T4 synthetic to get their FT4 levels up.  But each person is different.

You say you feel "OK". What does that mean?  Do you still feel or have Hypo symptoms?  What is your latest lab levels and describe lingering symptoms you may have.

GiMel can chime in here. But based on average absorption rates, and what a fully and properly functioning thyroid gland produces in a day. i would GUESS you are still undermedicated.  Especially in T4.  But without labs it is impossible to determine.
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I haven’t had labs in awhile. The last batch was posted here. I’m still holding weight and tired, but stress has been unreal. I was attempting an overseas move and unable to fill my meds. Cytomel is not cheap. I’m not sure if they prescribe it, in the UK, but facing out of pocket cost, I thought Euthyral would simplify things. It isn’t NDT. And the ratio is 100/20 : t4/t3 respectively. Not like armour which isn’t even close! My current dosing is 75/25. I’m sure I’m off, but not as bad as the past. I’m trying to find a way to get my medication while I’m establishing residency overseas, prior to the move. And prevent what happened last trip.
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