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Thyroid meds causing drug induced lupus?

Is it possible that my levothyroxine is causing drug induced lupus. I went to the er in sept and with bloodwork they found I had a slightly elevated TSH of 15. Went to PCP and he put me on 200mcg. I soon found a new dr because my old would not listen to my symptoms of being over medicated.  Anyways now I have a positive ANA and an elevated (4) RnP. I had no signs of lupus prior to starting this medication. And I really didn't have any thyroid symptoms other than dry skin and mild hair loss. So could anyone give me their thoughts on drug induced lupus

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It's much more likely that you have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, which is an autoimmune disease.  So is lupus.  Once we have one autoimmune, we are much more likely to develop a second than the general population is to get their first.

Was TSH all that was tested?

200 mcg is an absurd starting dose.

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T4 and t3 were tested. I don't know those numbers though. Yea, 200 was crazy. They actually put me in hyper I went from 15 in sept to .05 in January.  But my doc said that was fine. That's why I wonder if it was drug induced since I was over medicated. Just strange that 3 weeks after the start of the medicine I start showing mild signs of lupus
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It could be that your hypo symptoms had been masking the lupus symptoms for some time.  As you became less hypo (which can happen pretty fast on 200 mcg), the other symptoms emerged.  I'm fairly certain the connection is between the autoimmune diseases and not the meds.
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Thank you for your response. I didn't have any thyroid symptoms prior to starting medicine other than mild hair loss and dry skin.  That's what still leaves the door open for me but I do appreciate your response.
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If you can get hold of your FT3 and FT4 results, with reference ranges, we can see how those looked.  TSH isn't much to go on.
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