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Thyroid meds related to PGAD?

I am 63 yrs old, have had complete hysterectomy 25 years ago, and presently have rectocele and relatively new with pgad symptoms, as of March 2014. I asked my gynecologist if rectocele would cause symptoms of pgad and she said no. So I wanted to know if, like me, anyones' symptoms came along with taking Armour Thyroid or Synthroid? I had no such symptoms of pgad til my dose of Armour Throid was hiked up. I didn't immediately connect the two until I did my own "test". I quit taking my thyroid medicine for 3 weeks. Within 5 days all pgad symptoms stopped! So I called my Doc and told her what I did. She said to stop for 3 more weeks and then she would start me on a lower dose, but it would be Synthroid this time. Guess what.....symptoms of pgad back within a few days. There is a large danger for me not to take any thyroid medicine, so I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. Has anyone else encountered this with thyroid medicine?
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Can you describe the symptoms of the PGAD?  Because I have issues of my own with pelvic floor dysfunction, I've done some research on these issues.  Your doctor is wrong that your rectocele could not be involved in your PGAD issue... Your thyroid medication, however, would not be involved.

Since PGAD is  not a thyroid issue and is not affected by thyroid medication, we can discuss this via private message, if you prefer, rather than on a thyroid forum.
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Barb, Thank you so much for your response. I am new to sites like this, so excuse my ignorance, but is what I am typing now just between us, or is it getting posted for all to see?
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What you just posted can be seen by everyone... If you want to go private, you can hover your mouse over my name and there will be a drop down box, click on "Send a Message" - that will be private.

I'm off to bed - catch you in the morning...
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