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Thyroid or just a random lump??

I've recently noticed a swelling in my neck 1" across and just below thyroid area. Been to docs who doesn't think it's thyriod as situated too low. She's taken bloods and referred me for a scan. Any ideas? It's hard, moves when I swallow. Apart from swelling, health is really good, no recent infections. I'm a 52 post-menopausal woman.
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All of the symptoms you have, and are putting down to menopause, can also be symptoms of thyroid issues, particularly the inability to lose weight, dry skin, joint/muscle pain.  I'll leave the hot flashes as menopausal, but they can also be symptoms of thyroid problems.  

It sounds like you might have a nodule or swollen thyroid, but that's not always horrible.  I know it's difficult, please try not to worry too much.  Stress, is also bad for thyroid patients.

Do you know what blood tests the doctor ordered?  Hopefully, she's doing a minimum of TSH, Free T3 and Free T4.  Will be anxious to see results, so make sure you get a copy, so you can post the info here, along with reference ranges, since these vary from lab to lab and particularly from country to country.

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If the lump is too low to be thyroid issue, I think your doctor is wise to do thyroid blood work and send your for a scan.  The scan will tell exactly what's there.  Could be a thyroid nodule or something there, but that may not be all bad either.  

What, if any, symptoms of thyroid issues do you have?  

When do you get the scan?  Try not to worry.  

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Hi there, many thanks fo getting back to me so quickly.  Swelling in getting slightly bigger and wider. Still feeling fine but throat starting to feel a bit constricted.  Lump is about 1 inch above collar bone, just offset to left of middle of throat. It's where I'd expect my thyroid to be. Now noticeable without having to feel for it.  I'm from Scotland and have a really horrible doctor, no people skills at all.  Throat exam cursory at best, discussion of symptoms minimal.

Only symptoms I think I may have and not sure these are relevant.  Hot flashes, day and night but put this down to menopause, dry skin and sleep problems, again menopause??  I am really active, walk 2-3 miles daily, practice yoga, eat healthily but find it hard to lose weight, current BMI 26.  I've put all these things down to good old menopause.  I also have osteoathritis, especially left knee and had a knee repair 18 months ago, few wee nodules now on finger joints so OA getting slightly worse.

Seeing doc again on 6th December, re scan, still waiting for appointment to come thru.  Was going to have this sorted thru NHS but think may go private as starting to freak me out a bit and have no confidence in doc.  I've made an apointment with another doctor for my return visit.
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Hi there, once again many thanks for the quick response.  

She ordered full blood tests to also include checking thyroid, sorry not that clued up.  Hopefully results through next week some time.    Assuming if they find anything they will contact me prior to my next appointment on 6th but won't hold my breath on that one.  I'll ask for a copy of results and post, I have a feeling that you are probably much more clued up than our local GP practice!

Keeping as stress free as possible, lots of walking and yoga helping.  

What a great forum, let's me get it all off my chest without worrying family.  So far all the know is that I'm a wee bit lumpy bumpy and scarves are preferred Christmas present!

Thanks again x

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Many doctors have an "old school" way of dealing with thyroid issues, and for some reason, are very reluctant to get into sync with their patients.  Many/most of us here had to fight for every bit of improvement we got/get.  

I, personally, was kept very ill by a former pcp, who refused to do proper testing, which kept me from getting the treatment I needed.  It was a long, miserable road to the doctor who would eventually help me the most, by doing the testing, then referring me to another doctor who would treat me properly.  

I can't take a lot of credit for myself, because a lot of the knowledge I needed to fight for my treatment, came from this forum.  I can't pay it back to those who helped me most, so I try to pay it forward to those who need help like I did.  

Will look forward to seeing those lab results; very curious as to which tests your doctor may have ordered and how she will interpret them.  

If you don't hear anything this coming week, remember that things will be slowed up because people/businesses are gearing up for a Holiday weekend.... so hoping you have a wonderful Thanksgiving......
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Hi:  WOW  I have a lump which seems to be on the end of the clavicle/collar bone.  Swollen and it hurts all the way into my shoulder and neck.  Went for x-rays and blood work.  All the thyroid blood work came back normal.  Have had it done once a year for quite awhile because of all my complaints.  Always normal.  Today the lump feels bigger, and actually felt like it was bothering my throat.
My x-rays said Torticollis with muscle spasms and calcium deposits.  So now I still do not know what I am doing.  Are they saying the calcium deposits they see is the lump on the collarbone or what.
I did have a PTH done numerous times, and it indicated that I have Parathyroid Disease.  Sent me for 2 scans, and both normal.  Now they are telling me its related to my kidneys, because my kidney functions were off.
I know how frustrated you must feel.  The lump scared the heck out of me.  ITs been there for over 4 weeks, but so has the shoulder and neck pain.  Basically I got up one morning, and just as I swung my legs out of bed I felt this tight feeling  in the left side of my neck, and then the lump appeared.  Have you had any kind of experience like that where you could have a pulled muscle going into spasms.  I have felt like a nut till I read your post.
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