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Thyroid panel results

TSH - 0.14
T4 - 6.6
T4 Free - 1.02
T3 Uptake - 23
T3 - 125
The above readings are with 90 mcg Armour.  I am asking for 120 but instead was decreased to 60.  T3 was even lower when i began with 60.  Synthroid 100 mcg worked for me for 12 years but stopped working and I requested Armour.  Started with 60 for 3 months and now 90 for 3 months.  I have 19 symptoms of hypothyroidism.  I also have no insurance and not much cash flow.  Endocrinologists are expensive!  Any ideas that might help me decide what to do would be appreciated greatly!    Thanks.
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What is the reference range for the Free T4?  Reference ranges vary lab to lab and have to come from your own reports.   Also, please provide the range for the T3... I guess that's Total T3, not Free T3?

What were your labs like on the 100 mcg Synthroid? Perhaps, all you needed to do was add some T3 to that and you'd have been fine.

It appears that your doctor is reacting only to the low TSH.  You may need to find another doctor; it doesn't have to be an endo... it can be any type of doctor who is good with thyroid conditions.
Thank you for replying.  
TSH is .015. Reference range is .450 a 4.500.
Thyroxine (T4) is 6.6. Range is 4.5 - 12.
T3 Uptake is 23.  Range is 24 - 39.
Free thyroxine index is 1.5.  Range is 1.2 - 4.9
T4, Free (Direct) is 1.02  Range is0.82 - 1.77
Triiodothyronine (T3) is 125  Range is 71 - 180

What does all of this mean? Did she even test for free T3?   Tempted to take extra of my armour and see what happens.  Just sooo tired of messing with this and wanting the symptoms to go away!  
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Unfortunately, no, your doctor did not order Free T3.  

Just for your informaton, Thyroxine (T4), T3 Uptake and Free Thyroxine Index, along with Total T3 are all outdated.  Thyroxine (T4) is the same as Total T4.  Both it, and Total T3 are both bound and Free hormones, so they don't tell us much.  Free Thyroxine Index (FTI) is an outdated way to calculate Free T4.  T3 Uptake (T3U) is an indirect way to measure Thyroxine binding proteins.  T3U and T4 are used to calculate the FTI...

Well, it's no wonder you feel bad, but just raising your Armour to 120, probably wouldn't do the trick, because your FT4 is very low and could be causing some of your symptoms...

It's not unusual those taking desiccated hormones to have too low FT4 levels and have to add a small amount of a T4 medication to supplement the desiccated med.

Your Total T3 is at 50% of the range, which is lower than we'd, typically, recommend, so we can assume that FT3 would also be low; however, it's your FT4 that's most alarming, since it's only at 21% of its range.  

Rule of thumb is for FT4 to be about mid range (50%) and for FT3 to be in the upper half to upper third of its range.  At only 21%, your FT4 has a long way to go to get to mid range, however, your FT3 is right at the upper half, so it wouldn't take much to push it higher.  

Many people think all they need is T3, but that's not correct... you need a good balance between FT4 and FT3

How long have you been on the Synthroid this time?
Wow...thanks for all the good info,  I am not taking synthroid now.  90 mg Armour is the only thing I am taking.  I began on Synthroid in 2000 and did fairly well until a few years ago when all symptoms returned with a vengeance.  I switched to Armour about 6 months ago, isong 60 mg for 3 months and then 90 for 3 months.  The results above are after 10 weeks on the Armour 90 mg.  

I have an appt with an NP that has good reviews from thyroid patients and am hoping that he can help me.  Fingers crossed and prayers going up!  
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I forgot to mention that it's not unusual for symptoms to worsen or for new ones to appear when changing doses or medications.  In addition, it takes T4 meds 4-6 weeks to reach full potential in the body and may take longer than that for symptoms to be alleviated.
Thank you.  I appreciate your time and knowledge.  
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Good luck with the NP... Please let us know how it goes.
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