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Thyroid problems?

     So, I've had a few troubling symptoms for the past 4 months (some symptoms for a longer period of time). Suffice it to say that after being told I had asthma, I then came to find out that it was chronic sinusitis. At my last visit, the doctor felt along my neck and asked me about any recent weight gain, tiredness, etc. I said yes. He told me that he thought that I may have hypothyroidism. I told him that when I was younger a doctor ordered an ultrasound on my neck b/c she thought that my thyroid glands were swollen. Those results were negative. After I told my current doctor that, he decided to run a blood test to check my TSH and T4(?) levels. He told me that if the test came up with anything he would call me. That was about 4 weeks ago and I haven't heard back from him. The problem is that here are a few symptoms left after the sinusitis that are still troubling me.
     Sometimes I get really lightheaded and my vision goes black, I can hardly stand, and I can hear my heart beat in my ears. I have random, unprovoked flutterings in my chest like something is beating to get out. I even can feel the pulse in my neck pounding sometimes. What worries me the most is the chest pain. It comes and goes, and happens daily. After the blood test I looked up the symptoms of hypothyroidism and I've had a lot of them at some point or another (some I currently have), all varying in severity: severe cold intolerance, fatigue, dry skin and hair, having touble remembering things, etc. But I also looked under hyperthyroidism and I've had some of those symptoms at different times as well: insomnia, heart palpitations, trembling hands, muscle weakness, etc.
     I am just wondering if I should ask for another blood test, or call my doctor. Frankly I am tired of going to the doctor. They make me feel as though I am making these things up. I'm 21 years old and I consider myself healthy, but sometimes I think my body is falling apart and there's nothing I can really do about it. So before I set up another appointment, I was hoping someone who has experience in this topic could give me some advice. Thanks.
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ask for the following blood tests ;TSH,FT3 ,FT4 ,TGab ,TPOab ,
the pulses ,heart issues and chest pain are hyper ,the rest are hypo ,however,in the first few months you may go hyper and then hypo and then hyper !!
waiting for the doctor to call you is not wise, check for the old test and then accordingly ask for the above tests !
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I agree with 6hashi -- don't wait for your doctor to call you.  My doctor sent me for blood work one time and said he'd call with results, but never did -- so after about 2 months, I called them, only to find out that my results were NOT normal.  It turned out that my vitamin B12 level was very low and he diagnosed me with pernicious anemia and I am now on shots every 2 weeks for that. The diagnosis and treatment didn't change, but if they'd have called me like they said, I could have gotten started on the shots that much quicker and started on the road to feeling better.  

Additionally, when my thyroid tests were run -- they did NOT call me, in spite of the fact that my TSH was over 55 and my FT4 was well below the reference range -- they just waited until I went in for my next visit.  If they'd have called me when they first got the results back, I could have gotten started on med much sooner; as it was they wasted over a month and it was that much longer that I had to feel like [email protected], just because they wouldn't pick up the phone and call me.  

Don't let them make you feel like you are making things up - you have to be your own advocate because doctors just love to "brush things under the rug" if they can't find an ready answer.  Most likely, they will put your symptoms down to "anxiety" or "depression" --- that's what they did to me -- I found a different doctor and you might have to as well.  
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I'll definitely call the doctor's office to find out the results from the first test. I also think I'm going to go to a different doctor to ask for the blood tests that you recommended 6hashi.

They did the same thing to me as well Barb135. When I told him about my shortness of breath and described it to him, he started asking me these unrelated personal questions. After awhile he told me that he was "checking to see if I were happy" and that I could possibly be having anxiety or panic attacks. That really made me angry. But after he finished the physical exam he decided that sinusitis fit. Sometimes it's like they throw different things at the wall and hopes one of them sticks. My doctor seemed nice, but I forget that that doesn't necessarily mean that he's helping me the way that he should.

Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it.
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