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Thyroid scan for nodules after ultrasound?

I am hypothyroid with Hashimoto's.  I had an ultrasound done which revealed a multinodular goiter.  Since I have a family history of thyroid tumors, I asked my doctor about evaluating the nodules to make sure they were benign.  He said it wasn't necessary.  I kept insisting that I wanted the nodules evaluated and asked about fine needle biopsy.  He finally agreed to send off a referral for the biopsy.  About a month and multiple phone calls later, I found out that the radiologist from the hospital that reviewed my ultrasound said that I had to have a thyroid scan before he'd consider doing a fine needle biopsy.  This seemed very strange to me.  I assume it's to check to see if my nodules are hot or cold and then to only further investigate if they are cold.
When I got my referral to the endocrinologist, I was able to ask via the receptionist if the thyroid scan was necessary and the message was "no" in my case.  So, I just called and cancelled the thyroid scan.  Now I am having doubts about whether I did the right thing.
Has anyone heard of having a thyroid scan AFTER ultrasound for nodule evaluation?  (Keeping in mind that I am hypo and not hyper.)
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Hi.  I did the opposite, as I had the Thyroid Scan first.  It came back absolutely normal.  Then I had the ultrasound which also revealed a multinodular goiter.  I asked about the fine needle biopsy, and the endo said no.  My nodules were sub-cemtimeters (under 1 cm), so I am told they are too small to biopsy.  Do you know what size your nodules are?  The endo says I am HYPER, yet she said I have Hashi's thyroiditis.  I am only on Inderal for the mild hyper symptoms I have.  I guess size is key?  
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No, I don't know what size the nodules are.  On the ultrasound, one looked much bigger than the others, but I don't know any of the dimensions.  I really wish patients were given their own copies of lab/ultrasound results to refer back to! I will have to add that to my list of questions to ask the endocrinologist.  I think they can tell other details about the nodule on the ultrasound that determine likelihood of cancer, like shape, borders, and how it bounces back the sound waves.  I just don't know if my nodules were "suspicious" at all.  
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