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Thyroid symptoms and throat lump

Hello, my name is Sarah and I'm 15 years old. I have had many symptoms of both hypothyroid and hyperthyroid in the past and present.  I know a thyroid condition can be hard to pin down as the symptoms can mean alot of different things. I have had difficulty losing weight, dry pale skin, I get hot easily, frequent bowel movements, depression, irregular menstural cycles, memory loss, palpitations, insomnia, fatigue, and a few others. I have already been to the doctor and had a blood test conducted and the test results came back negative though. I'm not sure if it may be due to me being sick because recently I just got over a virus I think that made my throat very sore. Today I have had a lump in my throat all day long that feels like a big piece of food at least a marble size or slightly bigger that is lodged in there. When I swallow, any the food or liquid seems to move around the lump to go down and it feels very uncomfortable. When the area is pressed on, there is alot of pressure. It is at the base of my throat where the thyroid is located. I have been diagnosed with acid reflux before, so I'm not sure if this is directly related either, although I have had it worse than usual today and have been burping/passing gas all day long. Any help on the issue would be much appreciated!
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Hi Sarah, it sounds like a goiter, have you had a scan on this, might be a good idea..Dawn
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Thank you for the reply, I have not had a scan before and am considering it. Although I'm not sure what goiter looks like, wouldn't it be visibly swollen?
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Mine was only very slightly swollen..Also this can happen with Gerd?. Sorry just seen you had acid reflux, ok it could be this, i had a slightly swollen thyroid that is now bac to normal with meds, but i do still have the lump in throat feeling cause of the reflux..Someone should be along with more Knowledge on this..Dawn
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Thank you anyway! I'm hoping it's only the Gerd although my throat did not improve with my meds for that which made me feel it might be thyroid issue.
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Did your tests come back "normal?"  Your doctor should have numbers to tell you, I would think.  And I don't think that acid reflux or gerd would cause fatigue, depression or irregular cycles...among other symptoms.  I would go back and ask my doctor more questions/ask for a scan and the blood test again.  

Mellowscout...very best to you.
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Yes, my mom told me they were normal, I'm not sure if he gave her any numbers. That is true but it could also just be stress of life, as I'm always under constant stress. Thank you for you input, I will probably just see how long the lump lasts as it's only been a day.
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Make sure your mom get the test results.
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I am not the type to join these blurbs. However, my experience the last 2-3 years may be helpful to all of you who have had irregular menstrual cycles, marble feeling when swallowing, difficulty breathing sometimes, a start of a bump on the throat, and now burping. It started about 3 years ago when I noticed that there was a VERY slight bump on my throat near the "V" neck section. I saw 3-4 family doctors who all said, that is normal and goiters that tend to inflate and deflate. Well, it never deflated. A year ago, I had gotten very sick (cough and needed antibiotics as I felt a "ball" in my throat that felt like it could be a ball of mucus). I started to get irregular menstrual cycles- and my obgyn said that all of my blood test and biopsy was normal. The larger marble seemed to have lessened to a smaller marble, but this feeling just never went away. I had a recent physical and pointed that there is now a larger bump in my "V" section and the doctor said the same thing as before. I requested a thyroid blood test, cancer blood test, ultra sound of my neck. The thyroid came back normal- but border low numbers and my cancer blood test was fine. The ultrasound found that there is a very large nodule on my left thyroid (2.5 inch long and 1.5 inch wide- very large) and a biopsy is recommended to check for cancer. I did not want to stop there, so I immediately went to an endocrinologist (thyroid doctor) recently. The doctor said that I do have a very large nodule on my left thyroid and multi-smaller ones in my left. I will be going to get a biopsy next week to check the large and some of the smaller ones. I have also been only starting to burp in the last 4 months. I know my body very well and I REALLY believe that whatever is going on with my thyroid has something to do with the burping and it originated with my thyroid issues rather acid reflux as it happened after my thyroid is beginning to bother me with not being able sleep as I feel that I can't breath well and I can physically feel it is pulling in my neck. But I'm not a doctor, but I will have this checked and researched further. I am also going to an ENT to have a camera go into my throat to see if there is anything growing inside and to be sure it is clear s that I can narrow down the problem with the thyroid. There are several ways to reduce the thyroid size, a few I am aware of is test with "SCAN", radio-active iodine to shrink, surgically remove part or all of the thyroid depending on cancer or size of nodule or other issues. I wanted to be sure I share as much as I can, as this feeling can be scary as it did for me. But now that I understand it more, I know what I have to do to start dealing and improving the feeling and symptoms. I hope this helps all of you experiencing these feelings. Don't worry too much, just take a step to see the right doctors and take the tests.
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I have had a nodule on my throat as well it's started off small but in the last year it has grown awhile back I had a ultrasound sound on it long story short it wasn't cancerous in fact my levels were fine but now every month it is bigger it looks like a adama apple which girls don't have but worst of all when I am laying down I feel as if I can't breath like I was choking and my neck is always swollen it doesn't go with my face my question is even though its not cancerous can I have it taken out and if so is it a painful experience
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