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Thyroid symptoms in men?

Over the past 4 years I have watched as my health as gone from bad to worse.  I have headaches all the time, body aches, anxiety, depression, extreme mood swings, certain foods now bohter me suchs as dairy, bread, pasta..etc.  I  was hoping someone could tell me what the major symptoms for men are?  I have had 4 CBC's done and each of them has returned telling me I am perfectly healthy...I still feel like garbage every day.  I have had two tests done to see if I have celiacs diesase as I am no longer able to tollerate certain foods.  According to those tests I do not have celiacs disease...I still feel like ****.  Any help would be appreciated.
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Have you had a complete thyroid blood work up ?

I have all symptoms you have listed.  Although my thyroid blood labs returned normal, I have an enlarged thyroid, with a nodule pressing on thyroid, creating hyper thyroid.  

Good luck !    
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