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Thyroid tsh levels

Wow, where to begin?  My son was born with a Lingual Thyroid, he was diagnosed at birth through screening (he is now 23) He was closely monitored through the years with blood tests and endo visits every 3 months until he was 18.  He was failure to thrive at 3, stopped growing at 7, and responded well to HGH daily injections he took until 16.  He was diagnosed with Empty Sella at 8,  had kidney stones at 15, diagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolaspse and Bicuspid Regurgitation at 17 and now he was hospitalized following a suicide attempt ..  His TSH was over 30.  My question is .. Are all these ailments related?  I know the TSH is a direct correlation to the depression but all the other things the Drs. say are not related
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Hi dlrocha2

Your son's story and conditions are so complex, I'm afraid no-one has answered just because they probably don't have any answers.  Tears came as read your post the first time and I have kept checking to see if someone had anything for you.

All I know about Lingual Thyroid is that it is very rare and is Thyroid tissue in the back of the throat/tongue area.  I had to look up Empty Sella and was not surpised that is had to do with the pituitary gland because of your mention of the Human Growth Hormone Injections.  Growth Hormone as you probably know is made by the Anterior Pituitary Gland (also known as the Adenohypophysis - try searching that term)

Here's a good site about GH Tests and related information;

I only know what I have read in my textbooks and that is; Deficiency in growth hormone results in dwarfism and Excessive production of growth hormone results in gigantism and acromegaly.
"The amount of GH secreted decreases during the lifespan; it is very high in the newborn and decreases progressively throughout childhood, puberty and adulthood."

It would be a good idea to post your questions on the other side of this forum to Dr Mark Lupo - see if he can shed some light.

Does your family or the family of your son's father have any other genetic type abnormality occuring?  Were you exposed to something nasty when carrying him?  I'm just scratching at straws...

It must break your heart seeing him so depressed and suicidal.  Has he ever had counselling?  He may be reluctant but now would be a good time.  You yourself could probably benefit from counselling also - it is a huge burden you carry.  I hope you have a strong support network.

My only other advice is to continue to research on the net BUT only be very selective where you obtain advice/information from.  Anyone can sign up for a .com
Sites with a .org or .gov or medical/professional journals are good (although sometimes require a subscription, so I just keep looking).

Many people with chronic and complicated health issues loose their trust in doctors.  SOunds like you have had some good doctors along the way.  
It seems in the technological age we live in infomation is there for everyone and no one has your son's best interest at heart better than his mother.  The other problem today is there are just so many diseases and conditions that have been discovered that doctor's just cannot possibly know and be expert on them all.

Be encouraged and continue to be an advocate for your son's health.  May God bless you and your son.
Best wishes and wellness
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I probably don't need to add this but just to be thorough...

You might already know but TSH is also made by the anterior pituitary.

You might already realise that a TSH of 30 is considered hypo - low thyroid hormone levels?

The pituitary gland has two divisons/halves.
The anterior pituitary (adenohypophysis) and
the posterior pituitart (Neurohypopysis).

The anterior is responsible for;
-Thyroid stimulating hormone
-Adrenocorticotrophic Hormone (ACTH)
-Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH)
-Growth Hormone (GH)

The posterior pituitary is responsible for;
-Antidiuretic hormone (ADH)
-Gonadotrophins;  Folicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
                  Leutinizing Hormone (LH)

Looking up the actions of each of these hormones might be interesting for you and explain a few things possibly.

Best wishes
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Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and comments, we just came back from visiting my son and Thank God he looks good and is in good spirits.  His TSH levels are down and they uped his Synthryoid to 200 I found out he wasn't taking his Synthryoid for over 5 1/2 months, you know the scenerio ... he feels good ... why medicate?  DENIAL.  Some consouling will come in very handy now and he is very open to it, this really shook him up and he realizes the importance of taking his meds.  I always monitered them when he was a child right up till when he moved out and thought he knew how important it was, but he never really became symptomatic since he was on them since birth, now he knows! once again, thank you
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