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Dear Dr. Lupo,
In a 'nutshell', I live in the Middle East, so it is sometimes hard to get straight answers.  I was hyper and said to have all indications of Graves and was started on Carbimazole 30mg daily and Propranolol in 2007, now I am hypo for the last 1-3 months and on only 5mg daily of Carbimazole.  I do blood work every two months.  

Why am I still on Carbimazole if I am hypo?
I read somewhere you said something to the fact that you may not have Graves if you are now hypo.  What did you mean?
I am having weight gain.  Tell me what I can do to combat this and I will do it without question? I was taking B6/B12 daily as part of a diet which was working, can I continue to do this?
I am having hair loss which is driving me to tears most of the time.  The male pattern baldness seems to be it.  What can I do to combat this, injections, hair replacement therapy???
Also, I desperately want to get pregnant, how does this work with a thyroid problem?

Thank you so much in advance!
Sincerely, Michele
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Hello, just wanted to mention Michele you are on the general board and not Dr. Lupo's board .. here is his link:  http://www.medhelp.org/forums/show/120

However, some may have input for you on this board, too, as many read the posts and may have experience in your area.

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Thanks very much (my first time posting)
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Hey it is ok .. .keep posting on this board, too .. much to be learned here .. everybody is great!

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