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Thyroidectomy on 11/2/07

I'm a 38 yr old female and I had a total thyroidectomy on 11/2 due to a visible nodule on the right lobe that turned out to be papillary carcinoma. I'm taking synthroid and am feeling 'like myself', but have concerns about the incision. I expected it to be on my neck, but it's actually on my upper chest wall just at my collarbone.  As a result, there's swelling there and it's totally numb.  Is this normal?  It's still sore/numb 3 weeks later?  And has anyone ever used Curad Scar Therapy to try and fade the incision scar?  Thanks for any guidance!

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I used Mederma and it worked really well.  It's expensive (about $15 - $20) but one tube was all I used.
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My scar is on my throat but it is totally numb above it.  My TT was on 8/29 and it is a tiny but better but not really anything to get excited about...LOL.
I have not used anything on my scar because mine seems a little tender still.
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Not to worry, it will gett better over time. I had a TT in July '06, and for me the numbness didn't completely go away until a YEAR later. I had tightness in my neck after that. Now it's gone.
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Mine is in the same spot as yours.  I too, was surprised because I thought it would be higher.  It's kind of nice though, because when I wear a t-shirt, most times the collar covers it.

I had mine the first part of August of this year.  I don't have any swelling, but it is numb.  The doc said it can take quite some time for that to come back.  One thing I noticed is that sometimes it feels like someone has their hand pushing on my throat....kind of a gaggy feeling.  Was told to massage the area with lotion/cocoa butter/whatever to help with that.

I also tried Mederma, but it made me itch like crazy!  I've also heard that Vitamin E is good to rub on it.  
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Hi, I have been told that I need to have my thyroid removed due to a nodule in the right lobe. My biopsy came back inconclusive. Do you mind sharing what your biopsy showed intially? Were your Drs. aware that it was cancer before the surgery?
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Hey, saw your post and wanted to comment.  I had a FNA, (fine needle aspiration) in August, TT (total thyroidectomy) in September.  The FNA was inconclusive but suspicious.  Doc said he'd cut out half, biopsy the nodule, then take it all out if the nodule was cancerous.  He did, and it was, (the big "c", I mean).  I just finished the RAI (Radioactive Iodine) - not the best part for me, going hypo and all, (but I survived...), and I got home just today from the hospital...  

All in all, it wasn't too bad, I guess.  But you don't know unless you either A:) are watchful, and wait and fret, and see if it grows (but it could, and it might spread...)  Or B:) you could have them cut into it, and get it out, if it is indeed cancer, before it becomes a real problem!  Hey, if it's not, they'll probably only take half...

I'm lucky I found mine, and quite by accident too!  I wouldn't say it was fun, but then there was no chemo involved, and I consider myself a lucky girl! :-)  It is a mental roller coaster, and I have been there, so I wish you luck with your decision!
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I had 2 FN Biopsys and the first: 2 sticks, only 1 had 'suspicious' result, on the 2nd biopsy which was untrasound guided, all 5 came back 'suspicious'.  I wanted to know what I would be leaving the OR with rather than the Dr. making the decision on the table.  I knew going in that I would lose my entire thyroid.  I wasn't thrilled about it being only 'suspicious' but as all 5 were, and I'm told that's as definitive dr's will state it without being able to cut apart the entire mass to definitively diagnose it.  I've decided to postpone the Radiation as the nodule was contained and my husband and I are entertaining the idea of children.  Good luck with your decision.  
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read ur post here and hence thought to comment here..
i too had TT done 7 yrs ago and nw taking 200mcg thyroxine daily.. ..even i had a thyroidectomy scar on my neck, it has faded a lot i guess.. but nt clear totally..
rt nw applying bio-oil as i heard it will give a gud result in 3 month.. its a natural herbal extract with vit E oil.. hope it does wonders..:) touch wood..

if any other gel or medication which can fade my scar texture..?
thanks..n gud luk to all.
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