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Thyrolar Problems


My father has had his thyroid removed because of thyroid cancer. He was doing well on Thyrolar 3 until August 2004 when Forest stopped production, for 8 months to revamp their manufacturing process. After the new Thyrolar came back on the market, he has been gravely ill.

Has anyone else out their had problems with the Thyrolar since it came back on the market?

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Please see my post about problems with Forest regarding Armour Thyroid, which they also had production problems with. I am considering filing a lawsuit. They may be getting these meds from overseas. MarilynnS
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This may be totally unrelated, but I read something about thyroid patients in New Zealand having a lot of trouble with a new formulation of thyroid medication. Many of them are getting sick.

It is Eltroxin made by GlaxoSmithKline.

Totally unrelated.

Hope you folks get past this problem.
I have to go look for that thread of marilynns'.
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Forest pharmacuticals is going through a hugh process right now reformulating Armour also. Production is very limited.

Have you thought of using any other T3 T4 combo meds to see if he can find a better solution.

You have natural options like Armour - which is tough to get right now too - Westroid - ( I heard good things)

or you can go to a two script situation using Cytomel T3 med and using any T4 only med to see if you can get him back on the right formula of meds to make him well.

Just some options
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This is so odd.  It's almost like a conspiracy against Forest all of a sudden.  Just an observation......
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(Quote from Forum)
Lawsuits against Forest for Armour thyroid?
by marilynns

Sept 12, 2008 01:43PM
I have been taking Armour thyroid (3 pills of 15 mgs each per day) for about 4 years. It seemed to be working fine. This month I started getting a burning feeling in my throat and esophagus and upper stomach. I smelled the bottle of pills and it had a very bad chemical smell to it, so I stopped taking them. I went to another pharmacy and got a new prescription of Armour thyroid. It seemed fine for the first 2-3 days and then I again got this burning in my throat, esophagus and stomach. When I smelled this second prescription bottle, it now too had this strong chemical odor. I contacted Forest Labs, the manufacturer, and they denied knowing about any such problems. But they lied to me, saying they called the two pharmacies and couldn't get the lot numbers from the pharmacies and so couldn't check up on the lots that I got. I reported this to the FDA. They called the pharmacies and were able to get the lot numbers without any problem. I am considering a lawsuit against Forest, since I am still having this painful burning and it has been about 2-3 weeks since the problem first started and I stopped all Armour thyroid after the second prescription was bad, too. The FDA found out that, in fact, both prescriptions came from the same lot! Their impression was that maybe Forest got these pills from outside the country and they are contaminated! Especially likely since Forest has been having production problems with the 15 mg size. Please let me know if you have had a similar problem or know of any similar lawsuits against Forest. Thank you.

To: Marilynns

First of all, Armour always has an odd odor.  It’s the nature of the product.  You don’t mention that you noted any unusual odor prior to this episode.  

Very strong statement to accuse anyone of lying.  That can be considered a slanderous accusation.  I hope you documented everything.  You may need it.

Any Pharmaceutical company documents in detail who, what where how when and lot #’s involved so they can track and recall in the event of a problem.  I find it impossible to believe they would not be able to track drugs if given the appropriate information.

The FDA would not liable itself by giving unsubstantiated statements as described.  

Forrest is not having production problems with the 15mg strength of Armour. Get your facts right before you embarrass yourself beyond this forum.

And what does GlaxoSmithKline have to do with Forrest Pharmaceuticals?  Two separate entities--no connection.
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I mentioned GlaxoSmithKline because I found a news blurb about the problem in New Zealand.

Has nothing to do with Armour.
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AR though is correct on this Eltroxin and I am glad is posted it - GSK and been making this med in very unusal dosages so when thyroid patients think they are getting (let's say) .88 mcgs - they are probably getting a aray of different dosages.

Recently this board had a huge amount of questions why this meds was not working for them and I happened to read articles on this dosage unconsistancy.

It's good information to have for other questions.
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