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I went to my Endo last week and asked my Dr. about the medicine Thyrolar.  I've been reading on this medicine and had wanted to give it a go.  I'm currently on Synthryoid.  My Dr, said that was an old medicine and that it was very hard to find.  Has anyone out there who's on Thyrolar had difficulty finding this medicine?  I've read on ths site different individuals being on it.  If you are on it, how is it working for you?  Does it help you in getting more energy?  I'm always tired and sleepy and never have time for nothing but take naps. Just wondering if I'm chasing shadows.
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I started having trouble with levothyroxine suddenly after taking it half of my life. I switched to Thyrolar 1 and absolutely loved it. then it disappeared from the market. I have been having a hard time since. I've tried the compound Armour, but it is made with levothyroxine. so no help there. just tried cytomel. lasted a month, constant headaches. hate it!!! Thyrolar will be back on the market, the question is just...when???
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Thyrolar at this time is not being produced. It was an equvilant in hormone ratios to a desiccated natural thyroid med - only made from synthetics.

Getting tested with right thyroid labs FT3 - FT4 and TSH would be best here to know where the free labs are and if you fit in the majority of needing some T3 meds then medicating you with 2 synthetics ( Synthroid T4 and Cytomel T3) is used now to manage your condition.
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Thanks however I am completely aware of all of this info and have tried all the medications available. they do not work for me. as of september Armour thyroid is now available and Thyrolar is being reformulated as per their website.

Armour Thyroid>>>>>>>>>>>
Updated Statement from Forest Laboratories Re: Availability of Armour® Thyroid
Forest Laboratories, Inc. has been working diligently to resolve the back order of Armour® Thyroid (thyroid tablets, USP), and is pleased to announce that all doses of the product are now available and no longer on back order. Should you have any questions about Armour Thyroid, please call 1-866-927-3260.

Statement from Forest Laboratories Re: Availability of Thyrolar:

U.S. Pharmacopeia, an official public standards—setting authority for all prescription and over—the—counter medicines and other health care products manufactured or sold in the United States, has mandated new specifications for a component used in the manufacturing of Thyrolar. As a result, all strengths of Thyrolar are currently on long-term back order while Forest makes the modifications necessary to meet these new specifications.

Forest is working diligently to complete these modifications. In the meantime, patients should speak with their physician regarding appropriate treatment for their condition, and check for future updates on the availability of Thyrolar through the Forest product availability toll-free hotline at (866) 927-3260.
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