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Thyroxine and menstrual migraines

Hi everyone. New member here. My new endo is trying to switch me from t3 to t4. Rough as I've found t3 to be i would rather be on it than t4 due to horrible menstrual migraines i get on t4. I get them on t3 as well but not as bad. I'm already on anti convulsants and sandomigran and take many medicines for acute migraines. I have noticed that they occur right after i ovulate. Because I've got migraine with aura bcp is supposedly out for me except for progesterone based ones and I've tried this and I'm never ever ever trying depo shot again.

Is anyone aware of how and why thyroxine has got this effect but not so much with liothyronine?  My doctors keep on posing for t4 and just want me to take migraine prophylactics when i very well know it's the fluctuations in estrogen levels that is doing this. Like clockwork. The more t4 i add the worse it gets.

1. Has anyone else had this?
2. Does anyone know why this is so?
3. Has anyone with menstrual migraines been able to get hormone therapy to keep levels of estrogen constant?

I'm so tired of fighting with doctors just to be given t3 and maybe i can live with t4 only if these menstrual migraines can be fixed.

Any inputs or thoughts? Someone please help.
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