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Time for a moan

I'd do this by IM, but I don't want to depress any one particular person.

I figure, why not depress everybody. LOL!!

I think I'm hyper again. I was going to get bloodwork done today, but I didn't want to be wrong, and I didn't want to be right. I guess tomorrow I'd better find out. No point in taking Synthroid if I'm hyper.

I got roped into a small, one hour job this afternoon, and when I came home I was in pain, and ready to cry, and depressed, and tomorrow I have to go do another two hours, because while I was fixing "a five minute job", something else broke.

It depresses the heck out of me that I can't handle that tiny bit of physical activity. And tomorrow is going to be worse.

What's really got me going is I have kidney pain which comes and goes. It has been going on for 4 or 5 months, and I have talked to my GP about it a couple of times. Lately, it is getting more frequent and persistant.

I've had my kidneys checked twice, and they seem fine. I've had a colonoscopy, and a growth was removed in the general vicinity a few months ago. I've had an MRI for my adrenals, but I'm not sure how low they went. With my gastric/digestive problems, I keep telling my GP maybe it will resolve itself.

Lately when I lay down for a nap in the afternoon (1-2 hours), when I get up it feels like someone kicked me in the kidney, and sometimes the pain radiates to both sides. This afternoon after my little workout, the pain was on both sides.

If one kidney was bad and the other good, would that show up on tests?

I have an appointment with my GP in a week. He's gone this week. I don't want to see him. I don't want another "thing" going on. I don't want to see another "specialist". Oh, God, I don't want to see another specialist.

It could be muscle pain, or bone pain, or bowel pain. But it's always in the same place.

I'm depressed. I don't even want to say how depressed.
Any kidney experts here?
Know any good jokes?
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Come on!!
I'm throwing a hissy fit here!

The last time I did this, I was hyper.
Guess I can skip the bloodwork and self-medicate.

Don't make me go cry on Barb's shoulder.
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Moan all you want, this disease stinks which is why we come back to this forum. I went to the eye doctor today...who told me my TED would never get better, but hey at least its not worse he says!  He doesn't have bug eyes...

anyway, I hope you feel better.   *sigh*

so much patience is required of the thyroid.
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I am sorry for your problem.
That would be very, very hard to deal with.

And 1/4 of the members are fighting cancer.
And I'm whining, again.
I'm just not good at this.
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What kind of tests have they done on your kidneys? There are some easy ones that can tell pretty quickly what's going on. Protein levels in urine and creatin in blood, for example.

Are you retaining water? When my son's kidneys went haywire, he woke up with his eyelids swollen everyday. Doctor told us it was a sinus infection. He'd gained 16 pounds in a few weeks (when he was only 5 years old), and it was all water weight.  He took naps all the time.

Trust your instincts! If you don't feel 100%, chances are you aren't 100%.  
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That sucks, dude.
Sorry for your luck.
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No water retention.

On 1-08-08 my urinalysis was all good. My comprehensive metabolic profile was all good. My GFR was 75, which is good.

Something in there hurts. If the cheapskate insurance company would do a complete CT scan (I didn't have an MRI) instead of "only what counts", I'd probably know something. The penny pinching misers wouldn't even let my second Endo scan my thyroid while he was doing a CT of my adrenal glands.

Like that extra two foot was going to bankrupt them. THAT even ticked the doctor off.
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Kick, scream, growl, and B----- all you want.  That's what we're here for.  Just don't hit us - some of us are old and decrepit too!

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Thank you for sharing with all of us and always remember that no matter how big or small anyone's problem is we never judge or compare it one another because it is your condition and not to be compared to anybody else's so even though 1/4 on this forum may have thyroid cancer your concerns to all of us are just as important as everybody else's ......... this I truly believe after being a member of this community for over a year.

Ok .. that being said.  

I am somewhat of a kidney person myself.

I have what is called MSK or Medullary Sponge Kidney ..
that is one you can do a Google on ... I am prone
to making stones; even when the stones pass I
am prone to kidney pain.
I get urinary tract infections w/o typical symptoms AND
my urine tests usually are negative which is a problem to treat!

What comes to thought if all other things are ruled out is that
you may be producing kidney stones that are URIC ACID in
nature vs. what most of us stone people make (calcium oxalate) AND
this type of stone is TRANSPARENT and will NOT show up on an
ultrasound ... Spiral CT w/o contrast is best for kidney stones and will
pick up the smallest stones.  An IVP X Ray with contrast shows all sorts
of things all thru the kidney down to the exit area!   It shows what is there
or isn't there in the way of anything funky and/or stones and emptying time
of the kidneys, etc., etc.

Are your parathyroids doing ok in the calcium dept and not overloading
causing any type of kidney stones?

Not to be stuck on stones (no pun intended) but somewhere along the way, BEG
to have your uric acid level ck'd with next bloodwork .... that can cause gout as
you may already know and, in turn, can cause transparent stones to form that
can cause pain and problems.

I just sent in via FedEx (not kidding) my 24hr urine study ... it will show all
metabollic functions of the kidney .. they look @ that along with metabollic
studies thru bloodwork when stones form.  See if anything is off.

I am really sorry to hear you are in such discomfort and that you had something removed from that area not too long ago .. do you mind if I ask what and where ... PM me if you'd like ....

I know someone who is a dialysis nurse and wonderfully expert in kidneys .. anything else you need to know give me a holler and/or post on the GI board here @ MedHelp, too as an idea if all else fails.

An undetected infection in the urinary tract can cause severe tiredness, joint pain and the list goes on .. along with kidney pain ..  

Oh .. cannot resist the next statement:  Stones are MORE PAINFUL for MALES vs. FEMALES .... it is the equivalent to childbirth .. so, we get you in the kidney stone dept to have a remote idea of what we go thru giving birth LOL!!!

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What I had removed...a large flat polyp in my colon, along with a few others not so flat or large. It was sent off and deemed benign.

I figure it takes a while for that to heal, but that was in January, or earlier, I forget. It's healed by now.

The aching is intermittant and worse after I lay on my back, or get extremely fatigued. A fifty mile ride in the car will do it. Aparently one hour of semi-physical activity will do it.

I'll Goggle Medullary Sponge Kidney and do some reading.

I did the 24hr urine sample, but I didn't have to fed-ex it. LOL!!  That was in October or November, and it came back fine. That was a Cortisol test though, for my adrenals I think.

I even had a friend of mine who runs the ER look at the film from my last CT scan to see if I had stones in my Gall Bladder. She said no stones there.

Didn't ask her to see if my kidneys were in there.

My calcium was 9.1, with a range of 8.4-10.2, so, not too high.

My uerea nitrogen was 16, limits 7-18, so at the upper end.

My creatinine was 1.1, limits 0.6-1.3, again upper half of range.
My Bun/Creat.ratio was 14.5, whatever the heck that is.

My chloride was 108, range 98-108. More Google time. Don't have a clue what that is.

I have never passed a kidney stone, and don't wish to. But can stones make your kidneys hurt?

I was treated for a UTI in January, I got the meds the same day I got all those tests run. My white bloodcount was elevated, but my urinalysis report said all negative...
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Just a thought here, but have you possibly damaged a muscle?  I have a muscle over my right kidney that I damaged years ago and it still hurts at times like I've messed it up again.  Same with the torn ligaments and such in my neck.  That whole area flares up and hurts like crazy and that was about 24 yrs ago.  I was just a teenager.

I've had a kidney stone, and no way is it fun.  Good luck if you do have one and then remember what your poor Barb went through and how bad you should have felt for her at the time! ;-)

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I'm not going to be much help on kidney troubles, but wanted to comment on a few things.

First off, Tater is right.  Your problem is just as important as those of us who have had to deal with a thyca diagnosis.  If you want to compare, mine was fairly easy.  Nodule found, biopsy done, cancer diagnosis - bam!, it's out of there.  What you've gone through is horrible, Bryan.  I don't have that kind of damage that has been done to my body.  I haven't gone from hypo to hyper, only to do it all over again in a short amount of time.   Please don't think that you're being a whiner.  You know we care about you and want to help - even if all we can do is listen and pray.

Secondly, I'm with you on the CT scan.  I just went through the same thing yesterday.  Long and short of it, I had a scan in November that showed nodules on the lower lobes of both lungs.  Too small to biopsy, and the doc wasn't too concerned.  Said they're fairly common.  But, he wanted to do a follow up CT scan WITH contrast, because they thought they may have seen something on my liver.

I get to the hospital yesterday for the scan, and guess what?!?!  No contrast!  I talked to the tech about it, and mentioned the liver thing, and he said the chest scan wouldn't show the liver anyway....only part of it.  It makes NO sense to me that I'm in the fool machine, WHY can't they just take it down a bit further?  I don't get it.  But then again, I don't have a medical degree.  Arrrgghhh.

To top it all off, the doc that ordered the scan retired the first of the year.  I have no clue who I'm following up with now.  Guess I need to make some phone calls today.

Sorry I turned this into MY rant, but just wanted to let you know that as always, I'm thinking about you and have you in my prayers.  

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What makes you so positive it is the kidneys? I know you said the area of pain is there - but there could be some other factors giving you this discomfort.

What side is it most prominently on? left or right?  .... or both?

When you were feeling better did you have this going on?

Have you taken all your medication and googled it to see if any inflammation could be the problem?

Maybe try to link everthing you take for meds and see if there is that connection.

It's odd... because I HAD that for sometime - only certain times though - I could never link my daily exercise with it - but I remember driving occassionally to work and a had to sit in the drivers seat almost side ways off the left side - that was the side it bothered me the most-- quite often. The seats in my car contour the back - so when I would sit straight I swore my kidneys felt like watermelons.

As you -- I went to the doctor and had an xray - Literally - I was told by the doctor - quote: I was F.O.S. (full of sh!+).... nice!!!

Our natural intensines rap around our whole body inside. I didn't but that theory- but I suffered for a year with it. Then I got really sick with that inflammed lung and stomach illness. Since then I haven't had that kidney pressure or pain.

Could it be your intenstines and/or kidneys get inflammed due to the physical activity and being hyper/hypo thyroid. As you say all the time........... I am no doctor, but there could be that connection.  You have had almost every test under the sun directly concentrated on your kidneys (unless I have missed that) so let's think proactive for a minute and try to put together what could be causing you this problem. Kinda looking outside the box.

Don't we all have to do that sometimes with this thyroid disease?

We know after everything we have to endure with the thyroid disease -- how much we have to go through with the doctors , tests etc - but we have the ability to listen to our bodies better now than ever and know something is wrong. Unfortunately we need tests to confirm anything. and the more tests I had done the more it seems like HOG WASH at times.

B- you know I don't have to get all mooshie about our friendship - "it's a given and you know that".  I'll try and put some things out there today. First - what meds are you all on? Let's look at that senerio first. Then we will move on to the other things. The answer is out there - let's explore it -- together today.

As for trying to get through the day today - do what you can - I think hydrateing all day would be best no matter what. Lay off the coffee too. Work only at a pace you feel comfortable today. You can beat this B - stay in tune on that.

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Did you get a reculture done after your UTI in January when off all meds?  My first culture showed one bacteria was gone and the 2nd reculture (still not feeling well at the time) revealed I had a staph infection and it can hurt your kidneys as you explain and/or stones sitting in the kidney (even small gravel moving) can hurt the kidneys as you explain, too (and as you asked).

I read other posts .. good ideas there, too, but I'd start with a reculture.

If not ... go today to have it done; not just a urinalysis ...

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Just going to echo what everyone has said - you problems are just as important as everyone else's. As you are a wonderful support to everyone else, now it's our turn to be that support for you.

I have no insight nor words of wisdom, but I hope things are looking up for you soon.  You know yourself better than anyone, so keep fighting if you feel something is wrong.

I'll keep sending good thoughts your way!  
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You have been through so much lately, I am so sorry you are in pain.  I have to echo in on the kidney stone issue-sounds like classic symptoms.  Bag the GP and try a Urologist possible to at least say yea or nay to the stone problem.  Hang in there, hope you feel better really soon.
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I want to thank you all for the encouragement and suggestions.

I had my blood checked this morning, and my TSH is climbing.

The scale my local lab uses is 0.34-5.00.
On the 10th my TSH was 0.35, and today it's 0.54, so at least I know I should keep taking my Synthroid.

My TSH is low, and maybe being sub-clinical hyper is giving me some symptoms. I am having a lot of hyper signs. But it looks like the TSH has bottomed out and is on the rise.

That may confuse a few of you, but I had RAI to ablate my thyroid in January, so right now my thyroid is semi-retired. What my hormonal situation is from week to week is a bit of a guess. But then it has been for almost two years now. LOL!!

I did get that job done, and now I hurt. I think I'm going to assume I may have a bacterial infection or a UTI, make notes from the helpful suggestions above, and run all that info by my GP on Tuesday and see what he says. The guy is smart, and he's always happy to run tests. He'll know that it's time to stop putting it off and get to the bottom of it.

Thanks again for being there.
You people are great. :^)
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Promise if the pain gets worse or other symptoms appear you go before Tues if you *think* it is bacterial and things change .. ok .. we'll be reminding you LOL~

I am sorry your TSH is changing; at least you have answers sort of .. not what you wanted to hear but answer(s) maybe ....

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The TSH is a good thing. I'd rather get it around 1.0 and hold. At least it's not lower than it is. :)

It will take a few months to get stable. Symptoms will come and go.

I just need to get this other problem resolved.

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O I C on the TSH .... yeah, I am better at TSH 1.0 vs. less than 1.0 ... I find it amazing how just a few tenths of a point in the TSH can bring on or make symptoms disappear!  Totally amazes me and I'm not all that certain most Dr's believe it!

I was on Miralax for 2.5yrs and suddenly it went away one day as fast as it appeared the same way (out of the blue and thus 3yrs ago the colonoscopy b4 going on the Miralax!) ... I attribute it going away to my TSH!!!  I hit that magic # and it just disappeared one day ..... awesome for me .......... just awesome ........... eyes roll when I tell the Docs!

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Kidney pain?  Very possible.
This works for me:  I drink 60-80 ounces of water every day.  I rarely, in my life, ever drank water seriously.  If the pain comes back, I wham the water into my system for a wwek or more--of, course, if I drank water reularly, my experience tells me I might never have the pain.  Hypothyroidism--right here.  Undiagnosed for years.  Almost had back surgery!  Much better now with my synthroid . . .and WATER!
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