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Tirosent is awesome !

Labs 8/14, I was taking 125 Synthroid .125 Cytomel T3
FT3 2.81 (2.5-3.9)
FT4 0.92 (.57-1.64)
TSH 9.40 (.34-5.6)

I was switched to 125 Tirosent, no T3, labs a month later 9/20
FT3 3.49 (2.5-3.9)
FT4 .91 (.57-1.64)
TSH 7.24 (.34-5.6)

For first time in years !!!  I feel absolutely wonderful, no symptoms !!!!  None, zippo ! For 7 years, I struggled with Synthroid/Levo.  Bouncing between hyper/hypo symptoms, which rarely was revealed on labs.  I had an unexplainable nervous condition, now confirmed it was Synthroid/generic Levo fillers.  T3 worked, but very difficult to adjust doses.  Whom no one understood, family, friends, Endo, Neurologist, etc....... Understandable.    

Notice now on Tirosent, my T3 naturally increased to upper mid range.  7 years since TT.  Wow !!  5mcg T3 was way to much, my body was shaking, and my T3 levels were still below Tirosent.  Amazing.    

So anyone having difficulty, similar to my case, should try Tirosent, specially TT patients.  Cause I read great reviews from TT patients that were switched to Tirosent, before I was switched.  Wish everyone well.    

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Very interesting result.  I suspect your issue was related to absorption.  As the liquid in the Tirosint is known to be better absorbed.

What is surprising is that FT3 ONLY results from the conversion of FT4

So what doesn't make sense is why the exact same T4 doseage 125 mcg that results in the exact same level of FT4, would result is a significantly higher conversion to FT3.  So much it exceeds the conversion of Synthorid PLUS Cytomel.  THat doesn't make sense.

UNLESS, your body simply has an issue with absorption.  that you were absorbing very little of the FT4 and little to none of the Cytomel.  Yet clearly you stated that 5 mcg of Cytomel was too much!

Question:  When you were on the Cytomel, did you split the dose?

Are you taking the Tirosint at a different time of the day?

Just trying to figure out this difference because it is not at all logical.

Bottom line is that you have apparently found the magic bullet.  Congratulations and I hope this continues to work for you for a long time!
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According to the literature, for some of us, pill types of Levothyroxine may only be absorbed at 40-60% (possibly less, especially if we don't allow enough time before we eat/drink anything), whereas Tirosint is absorbed at 90%+ since it's a gel cap.  It looks like most of the T4 is being converted, whereas previously, absorption may have been so slight there wasn't enough T4 to be converted.  Just my 2ยข.

Thanks very much Barb, makes complete sense to me.  
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