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To nap or not to nap...

Hello, for those of you who don't work full-time like me, do you nap?

My gastro (not my endo) told me to quit napping because it makes my symptoms worse, but there are some days when I am just so exhausted, and I need a 20 minute to one hour nap. Since I have been on Synthroid, I have had more energy to do stuff, and I actually ran six separate errands today, which is a record! I still need that nap, though.

What are your opinions on the benefits/downside of napping?

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I am not fortunate enough to take a nap during the week due to working full time and the weekends are impossible too due to taking care of 4 children.  I am interested in what the gastro told you though.  Are you having GI symptoms due to your thyroid?
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I have extreme constipation, which is common in hypo. I've been seeing a gastro for over three years, way before I went to an endo. During that time, no doctor ever recommended checking my TSH or any other thyroid levels. They just loaded me up on different bowel meds and sent me home. They did do Celiac and every other gastro test. About a year ago, the bad GERD and heartburn started. The worst was this spring when my D was low and I felt like I'd been hit by a train. That has been much better since Synthroid. I have read that the GERD and heartburn come from delayed emptying of the stomach.

This naughty thyroid wreaks so much havoc on our bodies!

:) Tamra
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Since I don't work any more I do try to get a nap in the late afternoon.  I  nap for about a half hour , but if I do a lot of house cleaning or laundry I can sleep for an hour or two and still go to bad tired.
It just seems wrong for a doctor to tell you not to nap.  I feel better after a nap.  If I try to stay awake that is when I get moody and bad tempered.  My husband encourages me to nap.  I know when I have my grandkids over it is hard to nap.  One of my daughters will come by or my husband will watch them so I can nap.  I think it is important and they do to.
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Thanks! My husband encourages my nap, too. I do get very cranky when I need a nap. I'm like an infant. I tried to do as my gastro suggested and skip the nap. I think he wanted me to skip it mostly to help my GERD.

I can usually get my kiddo to nap with me, thank goodness, but when she won't nap, or when we have a play date scheduled, I'm just so miserable. She starts kindergarten in five more days! I work from home, so I can always set aside my work if I need to nap.

:) Tamra
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