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Took Too Blood Tests, Both Normal.... What To Do Now?!

I've taken two bllod tests to test my thyroid, with the second test containg tests for Free T3 and Free T4. My results came back as normal for both tests. I have an enlarged thyroid, which was confirmed by a physician during a sports physical, and I'm sufferring from almost every hypothyroidism. What should I do now?
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Please post the actual results from the lab report...... "normal" isn't always normal for each individual.

When you post lab results, be sure to include the reference ranges, which vary from lab to lab, so must come from your own report.

What symptoms do you have?
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Start with posting your actual thyroid test results and their reference ranges shown on the lab report so that members can assess.  Just because thyroid test results fall within the so-called "normal" ranges does not mean they are adequate for YOU.  Also, what symptoms do you have?
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