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Total Thyroidectomy-not feeling well

I had a total Thyroidectomy in November. My levels are still really low. I was on 125 mcg, then 137 and they just upped it to 162 10 days ago. I am totally exhausted and freezing all the time. Before surgery I worked out every day and now I can barely get out of bed and don't really feel alert until lunchtime.  I've been sleeping 10 hours at night. Does anyone know how long it should take for my levels to regulate?  I have 2 toddlers and a full time job, if anyone can recommend any energy supplements that would be great too. Thx
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Recovering from TT can take several weeks, then depending on individual/med dose adjustment, this will determine time it takes one to reach optimal levels of normality.  

Symptoms you describe is hypo.  I experienced the same, the beginning stages of my TT recovery.  Do you have recent lab results you could post up, so someone can assist you in determining whats may be going on ?  
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Thank you for the feedback. Yes, i guess my TSH  is really high which is why i am feeling so terrible, Dr. said maybe it was a 5.  I am unfamiliar with reviewing bloodwork results, for 12 years being treated for a large goiter, I never experienced irregular thyroid function.  I don't have a copy of the results handy.  I am of the understanding that it can take 6-8 weeks for the synthetic hormone levels to regulate, and that there is not much to do but wait and get another blood test. I am going to retreive a copy of the labs on Monday.  Thanks again.
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Hi friend, sorry your feeling discomfort, all TT patients desires immediate recovery after TT, well at least I know I did, Lol !!!  But reality is, recovery from TT takes time, a few lab/med adjustments, etc.....  Life gets back on track, hang in there :)
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Always make sure you get a copy of your lab reports every time you have blood work or imaging done.  I write on each report the med I was on when the blood was drawn and what, if any, symptoms I had.  My reports have become a running record of my health issues.

If you had your TT in Nov, you should be seeing some improvement by now, considering the dose you're on.   Is your doctor testing the Free T3 and Free T4, in addition to TSH?  If not, you need to request them, and if s/he refuses, find a different doctor.  Free T3 and Free T4 are the actual thyroid hormones, with Free T3 being the one actually used by individual cells.  Free T4 is a storage hormone that must be converted to Free T3 before it's used.  TSH is a pituitary hormone that stimulates the thyroid to produce hormones.  It neither causes nor alleviates symptoms, nor does it adequately correlate with symptoms.

Not all of us convert Free T4 to Free T3 adequately, so we have to add a med with a T3 component.  I can't help but wonder if this might be your problem, but that can only be determined with FT3 and FT4 tests.

Is fatigue the only symptom you have?  I might suggest that you request to have vitamin B12 tested.  B12 deficiency can cause the most horrible fatigue imaginable.  Iron is necessary for the metabolism of thyroid hormones and deficiency also causes fatigue/tiredness, so you might also want to have a ferritin and iron panel done.  Some people with hypothyroidism are also deficient in vitamin D (especially prevalent in winter), so you might as well add that.  Vitamin D deficiency can cause some hypothyroid-like symptoms.
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