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Underactive thyroid help!

Hey, I'm new to this site!

Last year is was diagnose with an underactive thyroid, I'm on 100 mcg thyroxine (I don't need to be any higher or lower, this is the level I need to be on)

Does anyone with underactive  thyroid suffer with migraines?? I have been to the doctors loads of times, I've tried loads of medication that doesn't help and I've had blood tests but they can't find anything!

I also suffer with really bad sweats (even in the winter) does anyone suffer with sweats?? What can help these excessive sweats??

Please help
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Please post your thyroid related test results and their reference ranges so that members can assess the adequacy of your testing and treatment.

Yes, migraines are a frequent symptom of thyroid issues.  I have seen reports that taking magnesium, in the form of magesium glycinate, or gluconate, or citrate is very effective at relieving migraines.  Might be worth a try.
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My wife's migrains went away when she started taking medicine for acid reflux or GERD.

Then my wife no longer needed the acid reflux medicine when her Thyroid levels came up to a higher level.

So now that her thyroid levels are better (still not optimized), she has neither GERD nor migraines.

Please post as Gimel states your actual thyroid levels.  It is common for Dr's to tell you your TSH is normal and thus that you are fine. Which is complete malarky.  TSH is a very unreliable test.
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