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Unsure of thyroid test results

I just needed some kind of explaination of my thyroid test results/doctor's interpretation.  For the past year I have experienced weight loss, extreme fatigue and feeling just really run down.  My test show that my TSH level is 0.25 and my free T3 and T4 normal.  My doctor said that I am fine. However, my gut is telling me that there is just something not right.  I'm not really wanting there to be anything wrong, but I just want to feel NORMAL.  Is there really no problem with these results?? At least in the thyroid area?
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Attorney,  Do not give up, I have read so many thyroid books.  The most recent thyroid and depression and the Thyroid Solution, both huge help.  I was always told that even though your thyroid test are normal, there could still be problems with your thyroid.  Stress to your pcp that the symptoms are severe and not your usual feelings.  If your pcp does not listen, go to another m.d.  My pcp is great and listens to me.  I was born with a very severe thyroid disease (cretinism) I have fought this disease all my life.  My thyroid has given some pretty hard blows with depression and other issues.  Have your pcp do a full thyroid workup from a tsh to a t4, t3 and a full metabolic panel.  Buy Thyroid Solution, you can get it at Barnes and Noble.  This book has helped me so much, and I have used it as a second bible.  
I hope this helps.  If you need more info, you can email me at: ***@****
Good Luck
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Also, my doctor said that I probably should just begin Lexapro. I just don't believe that this is all just stress.  I know that stress does cause a lot of health issues, but I am just not convinced.  I am a lawyer of 6 years and mother of a three year old.  I have been through stress before.  

I was just really confused how my TSH level could be low and he not even bother to look further into it.  Is this normal?  Are there any other things that he should be looking into that he is now missing?

Thanks for your time and caring advice.
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I have not been diagnosed for anything.  My doctor said that my results only indicate that my THS level may just be normally low. I am currently taking Provigil (for my excessive sleepiness) and have been for a year.  Also, I am on a very low dose of Lithium and have been for 1 1/2 years.  Since no other anti-depressant has helped over the last several years for me, my doctor suggested trying this.  Never been diagnosed as Bi-Polar and after doing blood work in the beginning, the dose was so low (almost undetectable) that my doctor did not continue monitoring it. These are the only meds and no diagnosis for the fatigue, weight loss, feeling just yuck.

Oh, and also he just recently, in the past few days, put me on a beta blocker for my heart rate......over 100 the past few times there.
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Have you been diagnosed (for what) and on meds.?


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