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Update to Thyroid testing

(Sorry about starting a new thread - the previous one has tech issues, Emily_MHManager is trying this for me - previous thread is here - https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Thyroid-Disorders/Newbie-and-confused-plz-help-Low-tsh-/show/3043161)

Update: had to get biopsy on nodule. It was benign. The dr said judging by my test results Iam subclinical hyperthyroidism. He gave me no advice on what to do if anything to help shrink nodule. He didn’t tell me to avoid anything either.

I have read where iodine is not good for hyper. My multivitamin has 75mcg. So I’m scared to eat or take anything at this point. he did not give any explanation on my nodule. So Iam at lost on what to do from here. He said we will recheck in 6 months. I have no hyper symptoms.. any advice would be nice.
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As we have mentioned previously, from your prior thread, your symptoms and test results are indicative of hypothyroidism, not hyperthyroidism..   Clearly the doctor is ignoring your low FT4 and TT3 and your hypo symptoms and is focused only on TSH, which being low, was misinterpreted as hyperthyroid.  From your experience with that doctor,  you need to find a good thyroid doctor and get some additional testing done, as previously mentioned.  If you will tell us your location, perhaps we can suggest a doctor that has been recommended by other thyroid patients.  

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Thank you for your response my area is kinston NC
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Sending you a PM with info.  To access, just click on your name and then click on messages.  
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