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Upped Synthroid Dosage .. test

results show TSH @ 1.9 .. goal is .5 - 1.0 so we agreed to up by 12.5mcgs to 88mcgs Synthroid as I'm buzzing around on 75mcgs and a bit hesitant to go for 100mcgs and be sorry with anxiety.  Endo was WONDERFUL, listened and answered all my ?'s!

She said asthma meds + Synthroid can give me that short tempered change of personality as I experienced a few weeks ago ..thankfully asthma meds are always just short term for me.

She also confirmed that enhanced alcohol affects can be seen with Synthroid so that confirms my 1 : 3 theory .. ea. glass of wine feels like 2-3 glasses for me now so I must always be aware of that major difference.  Endo said yes to it being from Synthroid.

Ultrasound is today.

Muscle cramps in nakles most likely due to thyroid .. she wants to reassess after next TSH on the 88mcgs to see how it is.  Calf cramps are gone.

Dealing with minor stitch abscess again on the mini-incision from the infected cyst/granulamo ... using prescrip topical ointment and seems a bit better. STINKS doesn't it.  My endo mentioned scar tissue with my healing patterns can be a major issue for future thyorid surgeries and to keep that in mind if TT is elective for some reason.

Cheryl (1/07 partial thryoidectomy)
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How are you feeling with a TSH of 1.9?  Mine was at 1.18 and I felt fine for a week, then have been a bit tired...Of course that was at the end of March.  Had blood drawn last Friday and I see the endo next Thur. to find out what this draw tells us...I thought the ideal number for TSH was 1.
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Interesting bcz I am very tired around 7:30 PM and hard to get up in the AM but wouldn't that be more when hypo vs. hyper ?  This is all so new to me .. any input anybody?  I have more energy but feel "on the go" all day long like hard to sit down and move from thing to thing.  Have to force myself to sit and relax but not hyper or anxiety symptoms at all.


P.S.  The .5 -1.0  goal is bcz of papillary microcarcinomas found 48hrs after surgery.  

My normal TSH is 2.4 and I had subclinical hypo symptoms with it as they all look back now at them and agree they were thyroid.
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I just got my new levels mailed to me this afternoon...I went from a TSH of 1.18 to 0.96 and the T4 was .9 and is now 1.30.  I don't know if that had anything to do with me feeling tired or not...
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