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Very High TSH level

Hi!  I'm submitting to the forum because I'm very concerned with my Thyroid test results.  I'm a 32 year old female that is fairly active and at a normal weight (height 5'6 and weight 125).  My problems started about 2 months ago, when I visited a doctor and found out the that my blood pressure was high.  I monitored and documented my blood pressure for a month but it remained high.  Therefore, I went through blood tests, adjusted my diet and was taken off of the birth control pill.  The blood test showed my TSH level to be 85 and I was told .5 to 5.5 is normal.  The doctor told me to wait another 3-4 weeks and get retested since going off the birth control pill may alter the results.  Well, its about 3 1/2 weeks later and my level is worse, 135.  I definitely don't feel right.  Very tired, yet can't sleep very well, my muscles ache, can't really concentrate and starting to gain some weight.  Should I be really concerned with such a high level?  Do you think the birth control pill caused this to happen?  
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No, the birth control pills didn't cause this.  I've been on synthroid and birth control for 6 years and have never had a problem with my TSH.  I was also on the birth control before my TT and synthroid use and had a perfectly functioning thyroid.
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I too have been on the pill for about 6 years...I just had a TT on 2/14 and have been on Synthroid since July...It definitely isn't the pill.  You may want to get into an endocrinologist's office as soon as you can.  They are the only ones that can run more detailed thyroid tests.  Good Luck.
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Thanks for the comments!  I didn't think that it had anything to do with the birth control pills.  But I felt better asking.

I'm still curious if anyone else has experienced such a high level of TSH.  This is just an awful feeling.  But I started taking thyroxine 3 days ago so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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I had never heard anything about birth control affecting TSH.  I experienced a TSH of "over 150".  I felt awful, extremely tired, couldn't feel arms and legs, heart intervals off, blood pressure was 65/45, heart palpitations, etc.  It was awful.  Once I got on synthroid it took me about 30 days for me to be "in normal range" and about 60 days for me to feel "in range".  Yes, it is dangerous for your TSH to be that high.  The doctors said it wasn't long before I would've been in a coma.  

Good luck!
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For the first time, my blood report shows
T4=.95 ng/dL  (normal range .61-1.76)
T3=3.2 pg/mL (normal range .35-5.5)
TSH= 66.933 uIU/mL ,HIGH    (normal is .35-5.5)

I'm 27 yr old woman, i'm not under any medication, no birth control pills.
i weigh 133pounds; height is 5' 2"
my periods are regular, i've no health issues nor any symptoms of thyroid like weakness, hair loss, depression,....  ,I've normal Cholesterol

I wanted to know, as the reports show , is TSH of 66 a serious problem.
I'm planning to conceive after 6 months, will it be a problem for me if i have high level of TSH. I've an appointment for family practice this week, i should know somthing by then, but was curious to know.

Please help.

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I am 36 years old . 1 year ago I started feeling extreme soreness in feet (like I wore high heels for 10 hours the night before). Eventually the muscle pain traveled to my legs, at that time I seeked out my family GP, said something's not right here. THen I got the flu, and was DOWN for the count for 4 days (it was going around in my family) However, I got sick again two weeks after recovery from the first flu. This brought on major left side pain around pancreas area, like muscle pain though. I developed heart palpitations which I felt in lower neck, like morris code.  I went to cardio doc (first time ever) had to wear an ekg vest. I had 56 incodences of heart palps, did thyroid test . Came back tsh level was 9.9.  Sent back to nomal GP  for testing.  (muscle pain getting worse in lower limbs) Before getting on thy meds which I was diagnosed with Hypothyroid at that time, my doc sent me to get a CT scan of kidneys since the pain still persisted all along the left lowest rib area and followed around and near the backside.  I have had this test before , however not for kidneys.  Once iodine was administered I went into shock. Anafolactic shock, HORRIBLE thing to experiance. My throat became burning and blistering with blisters in and out of nose, mouth eyes tongue, ears. Face swelled 3 times it's size, palms of hands, feet, then all airways swelled shut.  The paramedics on site at CT imaging site were scared to death as I had a team of them hovering over me until I passed out as they were shooting me up with something which brought me back.......6 days later and 4 trips to ER I was finally breathing on my own with out aid from machine or benedryl.  Now, my doc was FURIOUS as he never ordered the iodine injection - he retested my thyroid and found my TSH level jumped to 16.9! - I was put on Synthroid, 50ml. I now have been on synthroid since March 14th..... Muscles in legs mainly thigh area on both legs has traveled "up" again to my biceps on both arms, with thighs still remaining as painful. the exact feeling - LIKE I HAVE BEEN IMMUNIZED IN ALL MAIN LIMB MUSCLES WHILE I WAS SLEEPING AND WAKE UP TO THAT SHARP SORE "SHOT" PAIN. My muscle problem is now progressing from sore and stiffness in legs and arms after waking up in the morning to soreness and major stiffness becoming more agressive after sitting. I have to rebend my legs into shape of a standing stance then proceed to walk. If I have feet dangling over something while sitting down, I have to slowly rebend foot into position of flat then start to stand. It had been a year now of the onset of this muscle situation and 4 months of hypo medication, now upped to 75ml since new blood test showed T.4 - 7.4 and TSH - 5.5 as of mid June.  I still can't walk right, currently like a pengiun.  I am going to seek out a neuro and an endo - however I would like to do more research as I know anyone who is having these problems would rest a little easier just to have ANY leads. Are the muscle probs truley just from tsh levels, the areas effected are in the same exact places on both sides. Both biceps areas, and both thighs, like bulls eyes an all 4 quadrants wear darts were played, lol.  My energy level has majorly improved with synthroid meds though, and heart palpitations are near extinct (thank god) but not a change in muscle soreness/stiffness accept worse and seeming to progress further and further up my body.  Also I have noticed I had two bought of the trembels this week both about 10 minutes after laying down to go to sleep at night. BTW - I am a mother of 4 children ages 13,13 (twins), 10 and 6.... I need to get a grip on this soon, thanks for letting me post all of this - Bonnie - Lockhart, TX
Bonnie, have you ever gotten a diagnosis for your symptoms? I was reading your post and am experiencing very similar symptoms...
Bonnie's post is very old and I doubt that you will get a reply.  If you would like other members to try and assess your situation, please tell us about the symptoms you have and also post your thyroid related test results and reference ranges shown on the lab report.  Are you taking thyroid med now?  If so, what type and daily dosage?  
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