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Very Slow Metabolism

I am in my early 20's. I am fairly active and extremely careful about what I eat.  I am very careful to read nutrition labels, check for the correct serving size, and measure for correct proportions. I eat 500 calories a day or less, yet I am overweight.  It seems I can go days without eating, without feeling hungry, and without losing weight.  It scares me that I may not be getting the proper nutrition, I need.   My family also monitors what I eat and is worried, because I eat so little for my size. It is very frustrating, because I struggle so much with my weight.  No one outside my family really understands.  I plan to make an appointment with an endocrinologist this week.  

Could someone please give me some insight as to what may be going on with me?  I am not looking for a diagnosis, just a list of conditions related to slow metabolism to look into with my doctor.  Thank you.

Here is a list of symptoms that may or may not be related:

- Rheumatoid Arthritis
- overweight
- difficulty losing weight (despite dieting and increased activity)
- very low energy/fatigue
- skin problems
- headaches
- irregular menstrual cycles
- irregular heart beats (too fast/too slow)
- water retention
- easily dehydrated
- low tolerance for heat/cold
- hair breaks easily.
- easily distracted/forgetful
- lack of muscle tone
- isolated swollen areas around neck and face
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You need to have tests now again.

If you suspect thyroid problems get a TSH - FT3 and FT4 done as soon as possible.

As you know your symptoms are so generally related. Only a battery of tests will start the elimation process if you have anything.
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Hello Stella,

Thank you. I had a test done back 3 years ago for hypothyroidism.  I waited months for my doctor (that was an on campus doctor at a health center) to call me and tell me my results.  She suspected that I had it (without me even mentioning anything) took my blood and did some tests.  Yet, she never called me with the results. I had to call the health center and they told me that my results were negative.   Now, my metabolism is even slower than it was before.  Both myself and family are worried. I plan to make an appointment with an endocrinologist this week.

I haven't been tested for anything else related to slow metabolism.
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You may want to check out my weight post for some additional information.

What tests have you had?
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