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Very enlarged thyroid and small lump

Hello, I have been referred to and Endo due to having an enlarged thyroid which is 6.4cm x 2.1cm x 2.0cm.  I also have a small lump in the place where a "goiter" is usually found (at base of neck in the middle).  I was told that the enlarged thyroid, which the doctor referred to as a possible multinodular (ultrasound results) was the goiter. I am a little confused on how this is usually treated. When it is this big but not in the form of a goiter how do they treat it? I have been on Synthoid for almost 10 years now (150 for 6 months). This is not working obviously but when I visited the ENT, he said he would like for me to see and Endocrinologist to see if he could treat it with hormones. I have been so worried about this and it seems to be affecting my breathing. How much of the breathing is due to the goiter and how much is due to anxiety is unknown. I go to see the Endo tomorrow and I just want to be prepared as to how he may handle this. Thank you to anyone who responds! I really appreciate the opinions.
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Hi mammasluv2, So this endo diagnosed you wit Hashimoto's based on your blood lab results?  People with Hashi's sometimes have nodules as well.

Can you tell me a little background of why you have been on synthroid for 10 years, and what are your symptoms now?

If you have your latest lab work that would be very helpful also.

What is a typical day of food for you? Do you eat or drink anything with Soy?  In my case Soy  does cause my thyroid to enlarge.

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Hello, I appreciate your response to my post! I did get a copy of my ultrasound and this is what it says...
Both lobes of the thyroid demonstrate marked generalized heterogeneity with innumerable very small nodular apearing foci, generally hypoechoic to isoechoic with few hyperechoic areas. There is no obvious associated calcification on a sonographic basis. The right lobe measures appr. 6.4 x 2.1 x 2.0 cm and left lobe 4.6 x 1.6 x 1.9 cm. The isthmus measures approximately 7 mm.  

It says the "Impression": Probable multinodular goiter and prominent  right lobe.

I went to the Endo today and he said did a quick scan ultrasound and said he didn't see any nodules. I am supposed to send him a copy of the Ultrasound cd and he will look at it and the lab results and then I am supposed to see him in 6 weeks. It is going to be hard to wait but I think that once he sees the ultrasound and gets the labs back, if there is something wrong, he'll see me sooner. Thank you again for your help. Oh...he diagnosed me with Hosh.  Just playing the waiting game now and trying to be patient.
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Hi mammasluv2, The term "goiter" is pretty generic and simply means enlarged thyroid, and in itself is not a specific term.  I have “Toxic Multinodular Goiter”. When at it's worst, I too had some difficulty swallowing and had pretty consistent pain on my left side. This side of my thyroid extended down below my collar bone.  

Certainly if you are having problems swallowing that needs to be dealt with. I would like to know what other symptoms you have?

Did you get a copy of the Ultrasound report? I would be curious as to what is shows about the lump, the exact nature of the report i.e did they mention any vascularity , or terms like “coarse or papillary calcification” “echogenic foci” etc.  Do you have more than one nodule?

Since you have been on Synthroid, I assume you have some lab results recent and hopefully past labs to compare?  I am interested to know if you tested negative for Graves or Hashimoto’s Antibodies.

I would suggest for the swallowing problem that you immediately refrain from eating or drinking anything with Soy in it, don’t eat any goitrous vegetables that are not fully cooked (and may want to just avoid them all together for now) such as Cauliflower and Broccoli.

I can tell you that in my case, since last December,  I stopped eating all fast food, I eat no processed foods and with several other diet changes and supplements I have corrected my condition (also known as Plumbers Disease)  My Thyroid numbers are now normal and I no longer have any problems swallowing or pain in my thyroid.  My Endo wanted to do Surgery or RAI. I refused that, because I wanted to try some natural things first because I felt I had nothing to lose, and to my surprise I was able to correct the problem where Methemizole and other Dr. Prescribed treatments failed.

The best advice I could possibly give you is to be informed!!  Ask questions and make sure you get a copy of all lab work and ultrasound reports etc.  There is a lot of data out there to be found.

Please let us know how your endo visit goes, and please post more data about your most recent Ultrasound.

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