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Vision issues w/thyroid disorder

Hi all, I am a 28 y/o female who has had Hyperthyroid Graves disease since I was 19, which is being treated with methimazole 10 mg once a day. I first noticed an increase of floaters in 2006, but my thyroid levels were normal and my vision checked out fine. In 2009 I started experiencing what I can only describe as tracers in my vision. When an object passes by my field of vision it has a faint quick trail that follows. In dim light this trail can last longer if the object or person walks by slowly. I can also look at text on the computer and look away and see lines in my vision, or I can look at a bright object and see the outline remain in my vision.My night vision ***** now as I have halos and horrible light sensitivity!!! I have read about people who use illegal drugs can get this, but I have only been on my thyroid medication and also had been taking an antidepressant for the secondary anxiety issue the Graves has caused, but I stopped taking it around the same time this started.

My vision is still checking out perfect, however my thyroid antibodies were over 1,000. My other labs were normal, sorry I do not have them to list at the moment. I had an ultrasound done on my thyroid gland which has revealed that the whole gland is swollen and has several cold nodules on it. There is increased vascularity difusely (? was on scan). I am going this week to have this investigated. In the mean time am I the only one with this anomaly? I have heard of blurred vision, but c'mon, this is insane. I feel horrible explaining it to Dr's because they think I am on drugs. This started 1 month before I got pregnant and got worse during and after pregnancy. I also get headaches quite often, but the vision stuff came first.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Are there any further tests I should get to look into? My eye pressure is always normal. I have slight TED with my right eye barely protruding. I used to have severe TED before being diagnosed with graves and the AT meds brought it back down.

Thanks a million in advance!
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