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Vitamin D test result,then how much to take for supplementation?

Vitamin D2 0

Vitamin D3 19

Total Vitamin D 19 (32-100 ng/mL)

How much D3 should I take? And along with how much Calcium and Magnesium? PS. I gonna have DHEX bone density tested.Thanks

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Vit D was a forgotten thing until recently and so many people were under with that supplement.

I take about 16,000 iu's daily

Magnesium shouldn't go over 400mgs and best at night.

Not sure on the calcium though
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I take 50,000 iu of Vitamin D once a week. When I was tested mine was at 13 and it took 6 months at this dose to bring it up to 25. I've been on this dose now for 2 years and I'm right in the middle of the normal range, finally.  I was put on this dose after my bone density test which was normal.  I was also put on Citracal, I take 1200 mg. a day and have my calcium and "D" tested every 6 months.
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I guess everyone is a little different. Here is what my doctor told me:

"Your calcium is low normal, and Vit D is low.  Please get Vit D3 2000 u tabs (Spring Valley at Walmart is fine), take 2 daily for 1 month, then 1 daily. Your Vit B12 and folate are fine."

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I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and then my D level was tested. Came out 8.5 LOW!  I was then put on 50,000IU D2 weekly for several months and 2,000 D3 daily with calcium. Was tested again for D and it came out 24. Doc said my body wasn't absorbing D as it should. Was taken off of th 50.000IU and put on 5,000IU daily. I'm waiting to take another D test.

Everyone is different and reacts to D differently. Vit.D is fat soluable and a person can overdose on it. Make sure you speak to your doctor about how much you should be taking.

Stella5349:  16,000 IU of D3 is A LOT !  Are you taking this daily?  Are you under a  
                   doctors care?

An Endocronologist is the type of doctor that should be handling this.  
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So, we should take V D along with Calcium, which makes senses other than Vitamin D alone?
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Most deffinately take the Vit.D along with Calcium. (ask your doctor first). They both help each other. My doctor told me not to take it with my other vitamins or medications because it wouldn't get absorbed as well. I take it alone with food. Also, my doc told me to break my daily dosage into two and take one in the AM and the next in the PM.
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Did you mean we can not break the tablets for dividing the dosage, but take the 1/2 dosage of one tablet and take it two times?

Breaking the pills would make them less functional?
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Before I can answer your question, tell me how many mg is your calcium tablet and also with the D.  Caltrate or Calcium Citrate comes with D but you may want more D than that.

Also let me know just how much Vit.C and D you want to take.

I heard on a commercial that Calcium Citrate absorbs better than plain calcium. Personally, I don't know the difference but my endocronologist told me the same thing.
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Hi, lori,

I am now planning to take calcium citrate 1g +400 mg of Mg, and 1000 IU of Vit D after supper, which is 3 tablets of calcium, 2 tablets of Mg citrate and 1 softgel-- maybe too much at one time?

Because I've gotta take multivitamin and iron/V C supplement after lunch at noon, The only time to take calcium related thing is the third meal time. (In the morning, we must take thyroid hormone alone)

Yes, citrate of minerals is the best form, and I bought the Ca/Mg separately. If one bought the combo ones, he/she would not get the best form of them.:)
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I was told to take the calcium citrate + D (comes in one pill) twice daily. But since I need more D, I take that along with my pill. I take the Mg separately. I didn't know you were taking tyroid meds. Was also told to take my calcium and D with food since it's suppose to absorb better.

Did your doc tell you just how to take your vitamins?
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