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WELCOME TO THE END OF THE 2008 "Thyroid Doctor Blunders !!"

Name the most head shaking moment you can recall!

I built this post off of a question another member stated on how crazy some of the things WE HEAR that come out of your physicians mouth at times.

Given an example my husband recently went to our doctor for a check up - he's worn out and tired - lost a ton of weight - aged horribly ( he seems to think Beer - cigs and coffee is nutritional all day long )  but he can't figure out why he feels like doo - doo. ( Yeah this takes a rocket scientist to figure out)

So - we get there and the weight issue popped out. We'll this "doctor" says - he's in great shape!!!!! - He doesn't need to eat during the day - "FOOD IS THE DEVIL" Shaking my head... knowing my husband has a very vigorous job that requires more than coffee and cigarettes - I said .............WHAT?

Well no mention of quitting cigarettes or the coffee  AND EATING- but said to tone down the beer a bit - I walked out laughing my head off!!

Not to mention he expressed that I needed to find a better diet ( knowing I am hypoT) to slim a bit down (like my "Old man!!" )

HUMF!!! - kicked THAT ONE to the curb.
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and let's not forget the "classic" tale in my journal that I heard from some  dip endo that instead of treating me for hypothyroidism ............. after HE ablated my gland that ..........

I was having a brain anryrusm (sp)....

What a golden moment that was too!!!
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Went in to see my GI doctor after having an abscess in the left buttock (not fun).

Doctor: Any other issues going on"
Me: Yes, I apparently have an abscess in my left buttock that I am pretty sure I developed in your hospital when you did the colonoscopy.
Doctor: No, you can't get it from that procedue.
Doctor: Your colonoscopy is normal, sorry about the abscess, but I can't help you there, you are on your own on that one

I kid you not he said, I was on my own with the infected abscess. Went to my regular doctor for the treatment. Had it cut and drained, turned out I had two different types of infection in the abscess that took a month and 3 antibiotics to get rid of.
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Went to see my endo for a 6 month check up.
Told him I am still exhausted no matter how much sleep I get, moods changes and aches and pains I have in my legs.
Told the doc that I sleep 7 hours every night durning the week, but on the weekend when I can sleep longer I sleep 12+ hours.
His response is....I'm depressed and put me on an anti-depression pill.
I understand maybe thinking of it due to the mood changes, but tried the pills and it makes me want to sleep more?? Clueless on what to do now?
Sometimes I think they just say what they want and send you out the door. Oh make sure your co-pay is paid first.
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Another HUMF moment..!!!!!

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My old endo told me the reason why I was anxious and having hot flashes (when I was still quite hypo), was because I was there to see him!!!  Ha!!! Arrogance like he was some Brad Pitt or something. AND....as he said it he patted me on the knee!!!  Glad I got a new doc. She's a fiesty little spitfire....hehe....but she wouldn't pat my knee! LOL
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Laura -

(cough) on that one.

great endo!! ( cough)
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