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WELCOME to the Thyroid Disorders Community ...

Welcome to the Thyroid Disorders Community!

If you or a loved one has experienced thyroid concerns of any kind that has affected your life, you've found the right place.

If you just found out you have a nodule and need a biopsy (FNA), here is a great FAQ Article which will answer many of your ?'s


You'll find we are a very supportive and caring group of people who, are just like you, and understand how your thyroid can affect every aspect your life. We understand you may be shy to make that first post ..it's ok we all were there once, too!  But keep in mind that no question is to big or small, we are eager to help.

*  8/5/10:  All treatment options may be discussed on our community, keeping in mind that Complementary Medicine is a "sister" community where you an also talk about thyroid treatment.

Please feel free to look around the forum and get to know the options you have on your personal profile.

There is an option to view the 'community archives' located next to the green 'post a question' button. In it you will find the forum’s past questions and posts regarding thyroid disorders and some of the possible treatments you may have had or would like to learn more about. If you have suffered from thyroid issues, check out the 'health pages' option in the upper right corner of the forum. You will find some great, resourceful information on symptoms and the different options available to treat your pain as well as research, testimonials, and guides to reading your lab work!

You have many options on your personal profile. You can change your My MedHelp theme, add a 'Baby Page',  'add' friends, send 'private messages' and post 'notes' to the other members of MedHelp, as well as add Trackers.  

Please make sure you look at our Thyroid Tracker! It's a wonderful way to track your symptoms & medicines, all at a glance with graphic charts and area for journals!  Using the Thyroid Tracker gives you the ability to e-mail it to your doctor as a point-of-reference before or during your appointment so he/she can see the direct correlation between symptoms and medicine and/or dosing, change of meds, etc.  Take a look at it -- I guarantee you, you will start using it!

Thyroid HormonesTracker:  

You'll also find you have a 'Journal' on your profile. You can write anything you like in your journal and chose to make it public for any other MedHelp member to see, allow only your friends to view it or keep it private for only you.   You may also want to fill out a little bit of information about yourself on your personal profile so we can all get to know more about you as you post and comment in the community.

We're so glad you have found us here and really look forward to getting to know you better, as we learn how your condition has affected you and your quality of life.

We want to make sure this community stays as helpful and supportive as can be. So, If you ever have any ideas or comments on how this forum can offer even more help and support, or have any concerns or issues, please feel free to private message your Community Leaders, Stella5349, Laura1967 or ChitChatNine.  


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I have been a member of this fabulous board since Nov. 2006 when I first found out I had 2 thyroid nodules.  Since that very first posting, I cannot begin to tell you all how much this board has helped me with my thyroid issues from detection to surgery to medication to acceptance!  This is something I will always hold dear to my heart.

I view our Thyroid Community as a fence .. the fence we build is built post by post and until every post is answered our job will not be done.  Through the sincere efforts of everybody in this community we WILL BUILD THAT FENCE and as we do .. WE WILL HELP EACH OTHER and when we are having a good day maybe give support/lend a hand, tell a joke --  and when we are having a bad day, perhaps, reach out for support & know we will get support from our friends.  

It is the uniquue dynamics of our own Community we see on this board day in and day out that sets us apart .. reminds us WE ARE NOT ALONE and makes us a true, solid community dedicated to helping each other.  To me, that is something very special and very proud to be a part of .. and, I think you may feel the same way, too!

So to all of us on the Community ... pat ourselves on the back for a job well done .. a job in process .. lending a hand ..helping each other, and in the process maybe having some fun!

As your Co-Community Leader my door is always open .. I check my messages and the board many times a day .. any question, suggestion or concern is never too big or too small .. If I don't know the answer, I will try my best to find the answer for you and/or pass it along to MedHelp directly.

We all have one thing in common -- Our Community has thyroid concerns.  This is what brings us together and will keep us together ..... KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!  


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I am here to share what I know and offer support.

I also appreciate getting feedback and support back when I call on it too.

Also - I am here now to continue giving AR a hard time!!! LOL

(just joking people)  He is my rock of information.
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Don't ever leave! This place could never be the same without you. I'm not being a creep I'm just telling it as it is. You guys saved me at the beginning when I was new and youn still save me now on bad days!
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I'm here to be Stella's punching bag. It's good therapy for her, and I get a buck a punch, so...I'm getting rich! LOL!!

That's a joke. Stella's a sweety. ;-)

I came here in May '07, with a little bit of knowledge and a lot of anger. I'd like to think the balance has shifted between the two. I'm still not happy with my situation, but thanks to the members here I feel like I am part of a group that understands and actually cares.

I've learned a lot, and I still have much to learn. This board, of the many I have investigated, perused, or joined, is by far the best I have found.

There are experienced members who collectively have been through just about every type of experience a thyroid problem can bring into your life. The traffic is brisk enough that most questions get several responses, which is nice. With all the brain fog floating around, the more heads involved, the better. LOL!

Plus, I get to tell lame jokes all day long. :o)

Once in a while a question gets missed, often because the member with the answer hasn't seen it. We all have different areas of knowledge and varying experiences. If your question does not get answered in a day, find it on page two and bump it back to the top of page one so it can be seen again. Just say "bump", or, "anybody got a thought on this?".

It's not that you're being ignored. It's just that the person with the answer didn't see it the first time around.
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I still check in with this forum to see if I can help others who suffer from the rare side effect of low calcium after a total thyroidectomy.  I had a TT in July 2006, and my parathyroids are finally starting to work normally!  

Through a correspondent I met on the forum, I was inspired to ask my doctor about cutting down the meds that were helping me absorb more calcium but inhibiting my parathyroids' ability to function on their own (thanks Deb).

It's great to feel that one is not alone on this journey.

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I am so thankful for this community.  It has given the only insight into my crazy thyroid mess.  THANK YOU THYROID COMMUNITY!
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