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Weak Immune System/Flu and H1N1 Vaccine

In your opinion...should people with weakened immune systems get this shot? I was thinking yes, but my friends GP and Endo told him that he shouldn't because it can make an already weakened immune system worse? It's no secret that some people DO get sick after receiving the shot. What do you guys think?
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The flu injection is a a no-no for me in my opinion.
I had it for 7 years every year and every year ended up with Broncitis and Pneumonia.
I havent had it for 12 years now and have not had Pneumonia or Broncitis.

I would never touch it as I have Graves Disease and it is a well known fact that the Graves antibodies see any flu vaccine as 'foreign' and attack your body.
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I have had it and I know if I got the everyday flu would end up in ER like I did a few years ago in the back of an ambulance.
Personally I always get a few side effect symptoms (which is normal for the mainstream population as well) like a bit of a temp, pains in the joints and pain where the injection site is. But as an immuno-suppressed patient I would never not have it. The results of getting flu or swine flu are deadly and I for one like to live!

As with any vaccine some people will react worse than others, so it is a highly personal choice.
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I have to agree with the doctor that told you not to get it. In my opinion, these vaccines have not had any long term look and the fact of injecting this on a weak immune system is not good.

In many thyroid patient situations the immune system is weak to begin with and the vaccines carry the sickness with an antidote to "immune" the system from the full virus. It doesn't work as easy as they say when you immune system is shot.

If its validated you have a weak immune system then build that up first.The body is capable of warding off these illnesses if the system is working right.
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Just a point...many (if not most) vaccinations do not have any "live" agent in them.

I'm sorry but to say, "build up your weak immune system first" is kind of just a pie in the sky fantasy for some people...such as those who are HIV+ or those with cancer, people undergoing chemo, etc.

In a perfect world yes, we would all be able to just eat well, live right and pump up our immune systems...but very few of us live in that perfect world.

I'm like redheadaussie and get all of the vaccinations available to me IF my doctor recommends them.  But again, it is a personal choice.
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In my opinion, I would check your vitamin D levels and make sure they are optimal.  Vitamin D has been shown to be more effective than vaccines for prevention of flu, and many autoimmune conditions.

I don't take any vaccines.  I believe that nutrition and rest are far more important to a strong immune system.  Vaccines have other things in them that are toxic, even if the organism is dead.  Many vaccines also don't have a very strong effect and people can still get the bug they were vaccinated against....

However, for certain populations where specific bugs may kill the (ie. HIV, cancer)... then certain vaccines may be recommended.

Very personal opinion and personal choice.
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Personally, I think MOST vaccinations are a good way for BIG Pharma to make some dollars. I have a few friends that work for pharma companies, but whatever.

Next, a weakened immune system or not, when you throw thimerosal(mercury based preservative) and everything else into your system, it has to be a shock to anyone and who knows what it can do.

Lets look at the facts... 1 in 13 people have an auto immune disease these days. Cancer is on the rise, as well as young children with ADHD, Autism, etc. I have heard Infants these days have like 39 immunization shots, or boosters by the age of 3. You do the math, what else has changed in this world that would affect these numbers aside from chemicals and stuff in our food? There has to be a correlation and data has been collected, too bad lots of people keep us from the facts.

I don't want to sound too negative, just want people to think about things because I truely care. Its hard to get true facts out there.

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