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Weight, weight, weight

This is beyond ridiculous, just tried on stuff from last spring, some bottoms fit (surprise, surprise), but all my tops have gotten too small, When does it end? I cannot afford to go out and buy even more stuff!!! I have gained 7 pounds since the spring and it is all around the middle. I have always had a smaller waste than my bottom half, now that is now spreading out of control. I have graves and am getting desperate. Can you take anything like Alli or weight loss supplement to help, One that won't race your heart up, because eating right and small meals isn't doing it, since this all began every time i start a exercise regime, my back goes out. So can't work all hunched over and can't function that way all the time. So eating is the only thing i have control over right now, and even that is failing me. I know you have all been there, any suggestions. I currently have normal levels and am down to 1 pill twice a day of PTU. HELP is needed, however i fear that if there were an answer it would be all over this board. LOL
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I feel your frustration and I remember being on anti thyroid meds for Graves.. I think I gained 15 pounds in one month and freaked out.

My path went to RAI. I already had weight on so becoming hypothyroid after -  it really packed it on.

I gained a total of about 35 to 40 pounds. After I got well on my meds the next quest for me was to find a solution to the weight. I dabbled with the thought of Alli and the others - but chose not to do it - with the risks of tearring all the work I did - getting my meds right for me.

Again - like I always do - I went to the root of research and tried to find the connection to weight gain and thyroid malfunction

Here's breifly what I uncovered.

Metabolic is slow - regardless of antithyroid drugs or no normal function.

Regardless of calorie intake whether 600 or 2000 - we will gain weight for 2 reasons

- can't take carb intake at all. ( sugars (ALL)  - breads, pasta, potatoes)
- must have high protein
-water intake/lemon PH levels must be consistant to flush fat
- Vit B complex must be optimal
- basal temps must be high normal to burn fat

So once I started checking this out - I started avoiding these.

Basal temp - if still to low is an indicator of weight gain too. I had to increase my internal temp to burn fat.  For me I went to iodine to help me with this. ( not sure if you are a candidate for iodine being hyper Graves right now) - might throw you into more hyper

using those measures helped me lose 15 pounds recently. I still have 20 to go and it is much tougher dropping this weight - but if I behave - I know I can do it.

poochi gut ( as I call it) is cortisol build up. nothing more. and this is the hardest fat to lose - is a combo of bad insulin and bad cortisol working (feeding) on the hypothyroidism. Its the most stubborn fat.

All the tricks I have are concentrated around being hypothyroid now - because selfishly - that is my issue now after RAI.

I can't tell you for sure if it will pay off for you.

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Thanks Stella, I will give anything a shot. Doc says 1.5 years on PTU but just went and she said up to 3 years, WHA? I am not rushing becoming Hypo, but seems like a waste of time to put me in remission and when and if that happens have me come out of remission a couple of years later, just to have the RAI? Seems like I am going to end up there eventually so let's get this over with!! I am soon to be 48 and would like to get everything in control by the time I am 50!! Guess I would just be trading in one headache for another huh. Basically at her mercy because she refuses RAI until the getting me into remission process is over with. The only thing i can say i do wrong is drinking water, don't do it, will drink bubbly water at night with some kind of flavoring, but can only stand cold water and by the time i get to drink it, it gets warm, i am on the computer non-stop so never think to stop and take a sip. And when i do decide to gulp one down I am running to the bathroom every 2 seconds. Can't do that either. So stuck in water less mode. I drank so much on Weight watchers i would care less if i ever saw another glass of it. Stupid huh!! Thanks for your response, i appreciate it once again!!! Kim
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My endo gave me a script for Xenical, which is a prescription strength of the same med as Alli -- it's not covered my insurance and costs $300/month, so I decided I couldn't do that.  I did buy some Alli and it does work; you just have to be careful of the amount of fat you eat because the side effects are not pleasant!!  My problem was, I kept forgetting to take it.........I couldn't take anything either that speeds up the heart rate or anything like that, which is why my endo went with the Xenical.  

I also sort of realized and wonder if anyone else had noticed a difference;  I take 1200 mg Calcium, 200 mg selenium, 1000 mg vitamin C and 400 mg magnesium every day.  The calcium and vitamin C are split up in 2 doses.  Well, over the weekend of the 26th of Sept, we went down south to our daughter's wedding and I was not always in a position to take my vitamins/minerals on schedule - most days, didn't get them at all.  I didn't eat any more/less than I normally do, plus we did a lot of walking --- I gained back 4 pounds in 3 days --- and now have to struggle to get rid of it again.  I have a book that says some vitamins/minerals can help with weight loss (calcium, vitamin C, magnesium) and am wondering if anyone else has noticed a difference in weight while taking vitamins, versus not taking them??  

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Hi Barb

How much is the alli a month if the script is 300.00 a month? Alli must be a lot of money, haven't checked it out yet. I can't do heart racing meds either so that is why i thought of this one. I take 1500 mg a day of calcium/magnesium, split up 3 times a day, i take 500 mg of vitamin D (deficient otherwise). Haven't seen anything budge off of this body in quite some time, was holding up until last week, and put on 5 pounds, and haven't shook it yet. I am up to a grand total of 35 pounds since June of 08. Scared that if remission doesn't work and have to have RAI, then that is more on top of that. I am terribly unhappy now, can't imagine what it would be like then. I would go to work come home and not leave the house!!! Of course i would, but wouldn't want to. Good old fashion diet doesn't do it, so have to rely on more meds? Probably will not try it until after the new year, perhaps doc will cut be back even further on meds (PTU) and that will help, after all she says the PTU is what is putting on the weight in the first place, so why hasn't it come down and only gone up since she has lowered my dose? Every change of season i get down, due to the fact that i have to go shopping yet again, so i have stuff to wear. I know you understand the pain, we can only help each other i guess. Thanks for your response.
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good old fashioned diet often doesn't work with thyroid.  Really!

Have to dramatically cut down the carbs.  Ie. No white carbs, no added sugars.  This means that your food is mainly vegetables, some fruits (but not too much, particularly the really sweet ones), some dairy, nuts, lean meats.  Don't obsess too much about fats.  You need them along with the protein.

Hate to say it, but exercise is also critical.  Not intense exercise, given your back, but long slow very gentle exercise.  Can be as simple as slowly pedalling a bike, walking, walking in water, swimming. Ideally at least 30 minutes a day, but better if longer.

Best wishes
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I do eat veggies and turkey burger and chicken only, and a lot of brown rice. and mostly just bananas. The walking is what puts my back out even at 2.00 miles per hour. I use to run before all this and it kills me to go so slow, but i try, that is until my back starts going which is usually only 2 xs on the treadmill. Some times i get these awful muscle spasms that are very painful. I am at a loss, I was thinking maybe yoga?

I feel crappy every time i walk out the door, use to be a very social vibrant fun person, and thyroid has torn me down to a grumpy unhappy, hate to be around person. Can't get out of my own way. and every exertion makes me breathe hard.

Nothing i can do about it except try all your suggestions and go on... But having a tough time adjusting to my new self. Will keep trying... what else can i do right.

Best wishes to you also.
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I've been in the same boat - practically starving myself and not budging a pound.  I don't have a lot of energy for exercise after work, but I do walk approx 3-10 mi/day depending on what's going on any given day - never less than 3 miles!!  

I think the starter pack of Alli was about $65, includes a lot of printed info, etc, then, I believe you can by the monthly ones for around $30-$40.  I would not recommend it without talking to your doctor.  If my endo had not given me the script, I would never have even considered it, but since Alli is the same drug, only not as strong, I went with it.  

I agree that we need to mainly stick with veggies/fruits and lean meats, dairy, etc BUT there comes a time when we feel absolutely helpless -- I've been there for over 2 years.  One thing I *will* say though -- I've been told both by doctors AND by members here on MH that when they thyroid levels are right, you will be able to lose weight again --- I find that to be true.  I've just gotten my levels back in line and am now at the point where I *can* lose weight, so long as I watch what I eat.  

As far as exercise: yoga is my "stand by" exercise.  I go back to it often -- it's low impact and really works to strengthen the core muscles.  It's a great way to go......
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Thanks for all the words. appreciate it.
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I've been having some particularly bad back pain the past few days and went to doctor today.  He thinks the pain might be kidney related, but gave me a couple sets of exercises to do in the meantime --- they very strongly resemble yoga, so I might just get back to that........

Good luck..
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Thanks Did physical therapy awhile back, but I guess it didn't help, no idea where to go from here. Next time i go to docs i will mention that it is pretty bad, i was wondering if mine may be kidney related myself. who knows. Looked at your stats, i also have pernecious anemia, do you do the shots or squirt nascobal up your nose? I am doing the nascobal and seems to be doing the trick have been doing it for about 5 years now, however it just went up to 80.00 a script. was 20.00!! So not sure if shots are less expensive will have to check that out next doc appointment as well. good luck to you to and keep me informed on your back. good luck with it. and thanks again, Kim
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