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Weight Gain

I am curious to find out if anyone else out there who has Hyperthyroidism if they have had any problems with weight gain instead of weightloss?  For a solid year and a half before the doctors finally diagnosed me they couldn't figure out why I was gaining weight.  It would be a couple pounds here and there but it has added up over time to almost a total of 100 pounds of weight gain.  They couldn't figure it out because I rarely ate, so they thought it was some of the meds that I have to be on which one of their side effects was weight gain, but not at the drastic extent as mine has ended up being over the past 2 to 3 years.  After I finally told my doctors either they figured out what the hell was wrong with me or I would find doctors that could (btw I have new doctors now) the light went on and they decided to finally test my thyroid.  Outcome ended up being Hyperthyroidism.  Which they said absolutely could not be the cause for my weight gain. So I took it upon myself to find new doctors that would actually help.  I know there is a very small percentage of Hyper patients that actually gain weight instead of losing...but finally since I have different doctors I am starting to lose weight extremely slowly.  LOL  I'm just curious if there is anyone else out there who has ran into a similar problem with their weight and what they have been doing to help reverse the weight gain.  Thanks in advance.  ; )
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I havent had your problem although weeight has been a problem for me.I have lose about 10 lbs and now I am stuck at this current weigh.Hang in there the weight will come off but we just have to work a little harder at it.
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I have been hyper for a few years that I know of and I am overweight. When I mentioned to friends that my lab results were hyper they looked at me and said "You mean hypo" and I had to say no. Nobody would think it. But I finally had my first appointment with the doctor today and have a walnut size nodule in my right thyroid. I'm in the first steps of being treated but I am about 50 pounds over weight. I'm so hungry all the time and if I don't eat I get very grouchy and sick. Since I sit down all the time for work I just assumed that was the cause of my weight gain... maybe it still is? I'll find out more over the next few weeks
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Yes, I am hyper, I gained weight. It is hard to lose them, I am still working on it, so far I am losing the battle.   The book said, a small % of hyper do gain weight.
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i'm also hyper, and i gain weight on and off..i weight about 85 and then go up to 91, 93,95 always around there never change, and then come back down to 85..no lower then that though. now i'm almost four months pregnant and my weight right now is 91...doctor im under weight for being pregnant but what can i do, i eat as much as i can...hopefully later on in pregnancy i can weight a little more..i think i will.. may god bless you with love..
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I'm artificially hyper (high dose of Synthroid post cancer treatment) with a TSH of about 0.9 and I've put on 20 lbs since my original surgery 4 years ago.  I never had a weight problem before my surgery/RAI/treatment.  Sigh.
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How did they diagnose this HYPERthyroidism? Not with the TSH I hope!? Sounds like hypopituitary or secondary hypo to me: LOW TSH, Low Free T3 and Free T4. This happens so often so please get a copy of your results and make sure the right tests were done:

Free t3 (HIGH is hypo, low-normal and low is hypo)
Free t4 (HIGH is hypo, low-normal and low is hypo)
graves antibodies
both Hashi antibodies (yes you can have both!)
Free testosterone
estro and progest
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