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Weight Loss.... After Thyroidectomy??

I am post opp 18 weeks of a Thyroidectomy/Parathyroidectom-Tumor....

I can NOT lose the 30 pounds that I have gained!

Has anyone had success losing weight after surgery, if so how?

Has anyone tryed Hydroxy Cut for weight loss?

Help!  Sonflower
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I am very sorry to bother you. I am running on fear at this moment in time. I was wondering why you had to have that? if you don't mind me asking. Today I got results of a thyroid biopsie and all they said is I had A typical cell clusters and I can't wait I need to go to a spicheal doctor and hospitl asap. I don't understand so I was wondering why you had to have your taken out?
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I had TT 14yrs ago. Graves/hyper/goiter. It took a yr. to get my dosage to where it needed to be in order for my weight to get back to normal. You must have patience. What level of medication do they have you on? Are you getting your TSH tested every  sixe weeks until it gets to 1.0 or .5 (at least that is where my dr. wants to keep me).

I would IMO not take any diet pills right now. I just continued to eat right. (seriously right) so that when my level finally got back to normal the weight would come off. I can honestly say, i have not ever gone over 124lbs (5'2). Just have patience, your are only 18 weeks post op. It will take awhile, but if you decide on a diet pill i would consult your dr. since you had both your thyroid and parathyroids removed.

Please do not take any diet pills.....
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