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Weight gain after Thyroidectomy

Hi Everyone

I have read on the net that most people are suffering from weight gain after Thyroid surgery. I had a hyperactive thyroid (due to toxic nodule) which made me loose around 33 pounds whithin a 3 month period. I had a subtotal Thyroidectomy on the 6 of Aug 2010 and I am still the exact weight that I was on the day of surgery.

I would like to know how long does it take more or less for someone to expect weight gain after surgery? I have learned that I would expect Hypothyroid symptoms after surgery (which I am certainly having:fatigue,brain fog,no energy etc.) but haven't noticed any weight changes. So, can I expect weight gain so early after surgery or does it take a few months to start noticing any gain?

Thanks for your comments!
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It is an old wive's tale that you will gain weight after a TT or a partial thyroidectomy. I certainly LOST weight after mine! Yes, I became hypo only because the stupid nurses didn't know not to give the thyroid medication with calcium tablets and my breakfast! I went blindly along thinking that was normal. It is NOT! Never have food or tablets immediately or at least up to an hour after taking your thyroid meds.

Question is; are you on any thyroid meds? Often after a partial or near total you can expect at least 3 months of the remainder or other side to pick up the slack. Often there is hypo symptoms. If you are on meds then my advice is still the same.
  Keep eating healthily, and doing even moderate excersise and you shouldn't notice any weight gain. That is unless your dose is way off, and it can lead to a few pounds extra. But being aware of the issue will mean you can be on top of it!
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Hi redheadaussie

Thanks for your comment ! I am on thyroid meds - Euthyrox 50 (Levothyroxine) . I started using it 10 days after surgery - doctors orders.

Im 31 - Male.Before my surgery I had severe symptoms of hyperthyroidism due to a toxic nodule on my right lobe. The right lobe and most of the left was removed during surgery.

Before the surgery in a period of 3 months I have lost 15kg (33 pounds). I wouldnt say I was exactly overweight nor am I now underweight, but Im just worried I might lose more weight as I havent gained any weight since surgery on 6 August

I am experiencing hypo symptoms:dizzy,fatigue,no energy etc etc , but havent noticed any weight gain and I am actually worried I might still lose more weight!

The docter said that he started me on the ''lowest'' dosage of meds and after 6 weeks he will check my blood tests to determine a correct dosage.

Any information is highly appreciated !
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Had a TT in June 2009.  I also had lost a lot of weight prior to my surgery.   Went from around 115 lbs to 91 lbs.   I was also getting worried because I initially wasn't gaining weight after the surgery.   About 8 weeks post-op I suddenly got my appetite back; felt like I could eat 24-7 and by the end of the year I was back up to my original weight.  It's been 15 months and I'm pretty close to where I was before this whole ordeal started.  I'm not experiencing an unusual amount of weight gain.  If you're experiencing hypo symptoms you may want to ask your Dr to do some testing sooner rather than later.   Sometimes trends can be caught and meds adjusted.  As far as "correct dosage" that could take a little bit of time.   Pay attention to how you feel vs lab results and make sure you communicate with your doctor.  4 months was the turning point for me and after about 9 months I felt as good as I had prior to surgery.   Good luck.
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Depending on what your healthy ideal weight is, 15kgs loss could be a good thing! I was 100+ kgs  a few years prior to surgery, due to hypo symptoms being undiagnosed. I forced myself to lose weight and was 93 the day of my first surgery and 87kgs at the second surgery 5 months later.  Now down to 73 after having put on a few kilos since going back to being hypo. My ideal weight is around 66 kgs. But 10 over is ok.

The dose you are on may not be enough to help with the hypo symptoms at this point. 6 weeks after surgery is the usual blood test time. I doubt you will lose more weight now you are experiencing those symptoms. Once you get a leveled out dose, (which can take months) you will find your weight stabilising and no doubt you will know what weight you are comfortable with.

It would be interesting to see your prior to surgery thyroid levels and the ones they should be taking in the next week or so.
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