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Weight gain

Hi my sister recently had blood work because she has gained a lot of weight.  She started working out, nothing is working.  I told her to get her thyroid tested.

I got her numbers and am hoping someone can help.

Her TSH          1.15
Thyroxine         6.8
Free Thyroxine  .93
T3                      107     range .3 to 4.2

I don't know if important but her estriadol is high for a 54 year old woman, the doctor said it was like a 27 year old
Her platelets are high
She was deficient in Vitamin D though now 39 range 25 - 50  I told her it needs to be higher but good for someone who was very deficient 6 months ago.
Her protein is on the low end 6.4  range 6 to 8.3

Thank you to anyone who can advise, I appreciate, Dee
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Hi Dee... What's the reference range for the Free Thyroxine (Free T4)?  Since ranges vary lab to lab we have to know what range her lab uses.  Is the T3 a Free T3 or Total T3? It should specify on the report. The reference range looks like it could be Free T3, but please check that range, also... I'm wondering if it should be 2.3-4.2.  

What about menstrual cycles/menopause?

Yes, her vitamin D is too low... is she supplementing?  Does she have any other symptoms of hypothyroidism?
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So sorry, right after I asked I had a severe allergic reaction. I've been sick all day. I'll get the #'s. Thank you!
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Sorry you've been sick.  Will wait for further numbers... Hope you get better quickly.
Thank you Barb, oddest thing was feeling great when I wrote to you, within a half hour I was having some kind of attack, itching so bad all over, my body covered with welts, could not stand up.  I started taking benedryl, that helped
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Hi, thank you, Free T4 was  .93 range .80 - 1.80
T3 total 107    range 79 - 149

At 54, she is still having periods and was told her numbers are like a 27 year old and she dropped two eggs just last month.  Do you need that hormone info?
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Hi giving you best answer while in old forum :)
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Platelets 380     range 150-350
Protein 6.4        range 6.0 to 8.3
Cholesterol 279  range 115 - 199
HDL 48             range 40-85
LDL 196            very high risk
Triglycerides   range 30 - 150

Is it the triglycerides that can tell if you are candidate for hear attack
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ugh t3  range 79 - 149 hers 107
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My sister is having increasingly worse periods.  She has a low body temperature 97 and hot flashes, gained 50 lbs.  She has gone from an 8 to a 14 in a short amount of time.
I had hot flashes as well but still had hypothyroid.  I think she has it too but what do I know
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It sounds like your sister could be dealing with 2 separate issues... let's deal with the thyroid first.

First off, her Free T4 is very low in the range, indicating that her thyroid is not producing adequate thyroid hormones.  Rule of thumb is for Free T4 to be about mid range; your sister's Free T4 is only at 13% of its range, so it's quite understandable why she has symptoms of being hypo...

Unfortunately, Total T3 is considered obsolete and isn't very useful, but it, too, is lower in the range than we'd recommend... Rule of thumb for Free T3 is upper half to upper third of its range.  Your sister's Total T3 is only at 40%... considering that 90-95% of this will be bound by protein and can't be used, it's safe to assume that her Free T3 will be quite low in the range, as well...

Next time she gets blood work, she should insist that her doctor order Free T3, instead of Total T3.

The weight gain is a symptom of hypothyroidism, as is high cholesterol and triglycerides... You have the range for the triglycerides, but no result.  Does she have any other symptoms of being hypo, such as constipation, muscle/joint aches/pains, hair loss, fatigue, facial puffiness, etc?  There are tons more... I'm just trying to think of the main ones I had... lol

High platelet count can be caused by numerous things, including a lot of exercise, stress, infection, inflammation, etc.  You said she's been exercising more; if she has a thyroiditis, she could have inflammation in her body, etc...

Now, for the periods... I'm not sure what you mean by "increasingly worse" - does that mean heavy, frequent?  She could be in peri-menopause, even with higher estradial... Did they check any of her other reproductive hormones, such as progesterone, testosterone, etc?   It's entirely possible to have menopausal hot flashes and still be hypothyroid, for sure.
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I forgot to mention that she should ask to get tested for thyroid antibodies, to determine if she has Hashimoto's... those would be Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies (TPOab) and Thyroglobulin Antibodies (TgAb).
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Dear Barb, thank you so very very much.  I'm so sorry this turned in to such a mess, giving it piecemeal was not my intention
Her FSH 5.9 there is a very light chart I think it says this range folliciular phase
Lutteinizing hormone 5 another chart can't read but it says post menopausal are 13 - 51

Sorry range for triglycerides 30 - 150 hers 175

I keep thinking the ranges are close to each other DUH

Also when I had low thyroid, I was like her hot all the time, or easily over heated.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate
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I think we need to use my question as what not to do
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