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Weight loss with hypothyroidism

It's been a battle for nearly 5 years for me.. Finally getting well but the Gawd awful weight I just couldn't lose is finally slipping off.

For personal success and to share it with all of you, I want to have you read more about your personal glycemic index. Follow a certain life long diet change that you lower sugar and bad carbs. decrease red meat consumption and add in fish - seafood and chicken if you need meat.

Starve the gluten and celiac out of your system first and rebuild your metobolism..

Proper supplementation for hypos is critical too.

The diet Mary Shoman has outlined in her book is definately a must read for anyone seeking personal weight loss goals w/ hypothyroidism.

It can happen - you don't need to be frustrated.

The loss was achieved even w/out exercise... Sure when I felt better thyroid wise and ate right - I became more active so I am sure that helped... It just didn't require me to jog miles or beat myself up over a machine... It just fell off increasing my metobolism...

Good Luck all of you. I hope you find the information here on diet works for you too. I certainly will reach out to anyone if they want me too.

Take care

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forgot to say ... 22 pounds off.

I gained almost 45 through this whole ordeal/
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Good job Stella! I too struggled with weight and its finally coming off! Lost 23 lbs since November on Weight Watchers Diet :). Didnt believe it would ever come off was trying so hard on my own and going to the gym- And nothing! No weight loss or weight! My friend who also has thyroid problems lost 20 lbs since November. I'm so excited because people are really noticing! Yeah!
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nice Danni - I am very happy for you... Weight is so depressing for us... but it's good to let people see sometimes... more than just saying it

Good Luck!
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You look great!!  Good job, Stella dear!!  And you too, Danni.  It's sooooo frustrating.  Thanks for the info.
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soon my little            across the pond friend... soon

it will be YOU posting this stuff!
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Congratulations! you look fabulous. Gives the rest of us hope, maybe....
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Peggy - you will get there. I promise :)
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