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What does a test result of 21 mean. The P. A. that gave me the result just said my result was "21". I have been on levothyroxine since 1985. I currently take 250mcg per day. I am gaining weight at an alarming rate, and have no energy, thin nails, hair loss in the extreme(most of my body hair is gone, and the hair on my head is getting thinner), I can't sleep for more than 6 hours, (when I can sleep, awake, of and on all night), my muscles hurt all the time. My face looks like it's been inflated. My P.A. told me the test result was 21, but said nothing about my medication.
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Geez, could it be you are hypothyroid and your TSH is 21?  Call back and ask for more of an explanation and followup.  if you are on 250mcg a day and your TSH is 21 something doesn't make sense and it may be autoimmune involvement or something going on causing your results to be so off ???

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Where's the decimal point on the 21?

Is it 21. - or .21  or 2.1.

If you are experiencing all those symptoms I lean to think 21. - But if you are on .250mcg Levo right now - your right C -

that is weird.

Sounds like the PA needs some explaining - also since you will calling him back - he needs to tell you where your Free T3 and Free T4 is for sure - if you are a TSH of 21. on a .250 thyroid med.
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