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What am I in for?

Hey All, Im new to this forum. Im Ashley, Im 24 years old, and I live in Tennessee.  I was just recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism on 9/29.  This was diagnosed through blood work and a thyroid ultrasound.  I was then scheduled to have a Radioactive Iodine Test and CT Scan of my thyroid done.  The results from there were this = "Thyromegaly with Multiple Cysts in Both Lobes".  I have now been referred to a surgeon and I see him this Friday (10/10).  I guess what Im asking is am I pretty destined for surgery? Which I mean it doesnt bother me because it seems like if it possibly could be cancer and I have them on both sides then why not get rid of them ya know. Ive had cervical pre-cancer and I definately dont want to go through that again. I dont know just grasping for advice at this point.  Im extremely new to all this and just going on what the doctors say. Also, is surgery ever done without having an FNA first and just going off the scans and ultrasounds? Thanks so much for listening!
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Hi, Unfortunately your questions are a bit complex for me I've only been on this forum for a year and am learning all the time. But I just wanted to say welcome and I know what it feels like to be new to all this stuff. And once the more experienced ones here see your post they will definately give you all the advice you need.
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Hi, and welcome!

From what I understand, thyroid cancer is much more likely to present as a single solid, or sepated, nodule, rather than multiple nodules. Cysts are typically not indicative of thyroid cancer, either, and they are usually benign. To me, it sounds like you might have Hashimoto's, the autoimmune form of hypothyroidism. Hashimoto's causes a characteristic 'heterogeneous echotexture' of the thyroid upon ultrasound imaging, and is frequently the cause of multi-nodular goiter. Did you have your levels of thyroid antibodies checked, or was your diagnosis of hypothyroidism based on TSH/free T4 bloodwork and the ultrasound? Thyroid antibody levels, if you haven't had them checked, yet, will indicate whether or not you have an autoimmune thyroid disease.

It's also important to note that (multiple) thyroid nodules--especially cysts--are very common in the general population, especially as people age, so you're in good company here, in the Thyroid Disorders Community!

I hope you feel better soon--hang in there and keep us posted on how things go.
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Hi! and welcome!  I am also 24 and share a similar story.
I agree with Julie that it sounds like hashimotos and I also wonder if the drs have checked your tpo antibodies?!
I have read that multiple nodules are LESS likely to be cancer and they are in fact very common of the general public.  Can I as what your tsh was?  I am also surprised they are going to do the I-131 body scan before you have an fna.  
Have you been referred to the surgeon by your primary?  have you seen an endocrinologist yet?
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Thanks so much...Today is D-Day...Hopefully everything goes well...Wish me luck!
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Good luck. I am sure you will be fine. No most likely you will have a biopsy done:) Let us know the outcome. Are you on any thyroid medicine???
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I don't mean to scare you but I just had a total thyroidectomy in Chattanooga on 9/11.  Diagnosed end of Sept last year with a multinodular goiter.  One nodule was large so they did an FNA and I was told it was benign.  After they removed my thyroid and sent to pathology that nodule was papaillary microcarcinoma and there was cancer in one of the nodules on the other side.  Safer to take it out and be on meds than wait and it turn out to be something else.  I am confused as to why the FNA was benign and then told after sugery it was cancer.  Apparently, those tests are not 100% accurate.  I asked the Dr when I was originally diagnosed with the goiter if the nodules could turn to cancer and was told no that normally they are cancer from the beginning.  Good luck with the surgery.  It was a breeze to get over.  A little complicated getting all your blood counts where they want them.  I feel 100% better since the surgery. No where near as fatigued.
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My NB showed no cancer but I was told there was still a 20% chance that the frozen section taken at the time of surgery could still show a malignancy and if that was negative I still had a 5% chance of a malignancy showing up in the final pathology report. As it turned out I was and I'm cancer free! That's just the percentages they gave me. My Nodule was a singular nodule I had it for about 8 years that we knew of but it began to have cellular changes and that is why they removed it. Juli
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GRRRRR....So today went totally opposite of what I thought it was going to...I paid hella money to find out that there was nothing he could do for me and then he said I need to go to an ENT for an endoscopy or something like that.  Also found out that my nuclear test showed I was hyper (thyroidism) but I have almost all the symptoms of hypo! Am I just that wacked out??? This is so frustrating bouncing back and forth between doctors and test...is there a light at the end of this stupid tunnel??? Im starting to think all this is in my head or something...
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Do you go to a endrcrinologist? If not, I'd get one.
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Sometimes, you can have symptoms of both hyper and hypothryoidism. What is your TSH level? If the RAIU was elevated (what were the numbers for this), but your TSH is also elevated, this suggested a problem with your pituitary gland, and you may need an MRI. If your TSH is on the lower end, however, then this would suggest hyperthyroidism (despite some symptoms seeming "hypo").
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As some of the other posters stated above, you need to get a full blood test, which would include the testing of antibodies.  If you test positive for Hashimotos, that would explain the fluctuation of your tsh (flipping from hypo to hyper).  Keep us posted.

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