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What approach to take for post Thyroidectomy nonexistant Libido.

My wife had Thyroidectomy due to thyroid cancer 4 years ago. She is the love of my life I would never do anything to jeopardize marriage. but intimacies 1-2 times a year if lucky is a huge problem don't know where to go for help.
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Ok Finding answers. She was on Levrothoxine 150mg
Her labs as follows
Testerone 16
progerterone <.2
TSH 93.9
T3 less than 1
T4 0.59
Colesterol 387
HDL 44
LDL 236
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She needs to see an endocrinologist  because her TSH, T3 and T4 seem to be indicating  a hypothyroid state.  If you have the lab reference range for the three,  it would help to see them.  Just looking at the raw figures  I am inclined to believe that her  dosage is not enough or need to be  supplemented with something else.  An endo can give you the full prognosis.  
Did they check Vitamin D?  That is an important one to find out.  Her cholesterol is pretty  high which could be exacerbated by being hypothyroid.  Her endo can help her connect the dots.
Her endo thinks its an absorption issue. It states to take on empty stomach. she was but she was chasing with coffee/creamer. He switched her to non generic UNITHYROID 150mg and now she will take on empty stomach and consume nothing 45 min later.

Here is with ranges
Free T3 <1.0 pg/ml  2.2-4.2
Free T4 0.59 NG/DL 0.80-1.90
TSH, Third Generation 93.900 UIU/ML 0.400-4.100
A bit surprising that 4 years post surgery and she is still hypo.  She must have been  feeling  awful.  I think the dosage is still too low given her lab results  But let's see and hopefully she will find some relief soon.  She needs to get tested every 6 weeks until her levels reach a normal steady state.  This process can take awhile  so best of luck.
Your wife had Thyroid cancer and her TSH is 93 (holy smokes) she needs to see her Endocrinologist now and she should be seeing this person at least once per year I see mine every few months.  

I do understand your wife’s intimacy issues “same here” I also had a thyroidectomy 4 yrs ago for cancer and menopause (surgical) and sorry Dan but your poor wife is just fed up with the crazy hormonal nightmare she is experiencing and needs to be given a break about the intimacy and get her hormones sorted.  
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You should talk to your wife about seeing her doctor and have other hormones checked.  She's nearing the age at which she could be entering peri-menopause or even menopause, which often causes women to have little/no sexual desire.

In addition, hypothyroidism could cause lack of desire, as well.  I'm assuming that your wife is on some type of replacement thyroid hormones, but it's very possible the medication or dosage isn't what she needs.  If you could let us know what her medication/dosage is that would be helpful.

It would even more helpful if you could post her most recent thyroid labs so we can see what her status is.  Be sure to post reference ranges with any labs as ranges vary from lab to lab and have to come from her own report.  

Many people who are hypo are also deficient in Vitamins B-12 and D, along with Ferritin.  If she's had those tested, please post the results and ranges also.  
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Not sure what meds she is on, I made an appointment with a women's hormone specialty clinic that also specializes in thyroid issues. Hoping she makes the appointment and this gets resolved or on the right track. I am patient and understanding but after 4 years of little to no itamacy I think I need to encourage her to get help.
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How was the intimacy before the surgery/cancer?  There could be complicated reasons  causing your wife's lack of intimacy.  You may have already done this but try sharing your feelings with her and see if she will open up.  Ask her what can you do to help her feel more comfortable.  If you reach a sticking point  then consider seeing a counselor/therapist., individually or together.  
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It was great and strong before. just went away after thyroid removed she is also diabetic. I've communicated i miss intimacy and we do everything else together we have a strong relationship just no intendancy. she has zero desire 45yo
Having  a thyroidectomy could wreak havoc on a person's  psychological, mental and physical well being.  Your wife may be struggling with all 3 even after 4 years. The after effects are difficult to navigate and could take years to sort out.     It is no one's fault because the thyroid affects every metabolic activity in the body and it is  very complicated.  I wouldn't bring up the intimacy issue because that would just add to her "worry list".  Focus on what's troubling her and how you can help by giving her emotional support and seeking professional help.   The goal is to get her to feel whole again.  Some professional help may  be useful.  If you have a strong relationship you can weather this challenge.  Hang in there...
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