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What are impacts of having 1/2 or full Thyroid Removed?

I may have Huerthe Cell tumor - can someone share with me experience of removing part or full thyroid?  

Also interested in mental and physical changes while on thyroid hormone medication.

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I sent you an email, and a link to my journals that document my journey with thyroid cancer, and my treatments. It was just about a year ago, and I was doing the same thing you are. Glad to see you asking questions, and researching!

Welcome to the team that kicks cancers ***!
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I had my thyroid fully removed and according to the doctors both mentally and physically I was in good condition.  I could do anything I had done prior to the operation while on the thyroid medicine.  I just at times didn't see myself the same.  My body wasn't exactly the same from my personal perspective. My weight did change at times but minimal.  Everyone around me saw me the same and only at times I wouldn't see my physical body the same.  It seemed to me that my hair strands would grow thinner, at times. I would see my weight change.  After several doctors, other non-thyroid specialists that I would talk to here and abroad would say it was stress related and not thyroid related because they would agree with the thyroid specialists that my levels were normal, their physical exam resulted normal and due to the conversations I would have with them my energy level and cognitive response was normal.

I know it was a necessity to remove my thyroid and if I were like mainstream America, then I would say there was no other possible choice in the matter.  Yet, I believe in miracles and it's true at times miracles happen every once in a while and often we don't know why they happen to some.

I speak very openly and realized that often some would misinterpret my words because I did not take caution in how it could be interpreted by someone who vaguely knows me.  I have made choices that doctors have strongly disagreed with and many doctors and others have lectured me on but the way I see things is, this is my body, this is what i have to live with everyday and they don't have to deal with the things I have to deal with.  And medical procedures and medicine is based on studies where the random population may not be individuals with the exact body criteria as mine.  

In all respects, I suggest you do your own research so you are better informed about things that affect your health and are more aware of what questions to ask.  Also, doctors are human and they spend a few minutes or hours with each patient and not a lifetime, no body knows your body better than you, be aware of your body.  Don't just assume to do what a doctor recommends in any operation if you can afford to get more than one opinion.  I have been one to always insist on not having operations unless I have to.  And in some cases that were not thyroid related, I have been highly pressured by doctors to be operated and then due to my persistence, those issues were resolved with medicine and not with an operation.  Having the ability to travel has opened my eyes to medical treatments abroad.  Doctors in the USA always refer everything to the specialists and general doctors are not well informed or as knowledgeable in all areas as the general doctors I have dealt with abroad where they refer patients to specialists only in cases when they have not been able to resolve it themselves even if it's not their area of expertise.  I happen to prefer general doctors abroad. Not to mention health care is cheaper, medicine and treatment is cheaper so health insurance isn't a necessity like in the USA. Abroad not every one has health insurance but speaking in general comparison of the USA with a specific country I have in mind, everyone has access to medical treatment because the cost is low in comparison to the cost of living and the level of household income.
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