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What are the normal levels?

Okay....I just got my results back from the endocrine dr.

I dont think that they were to good...

my t4=9.0ug%
TSH* was 11!!
Free t4 was 1.36 and the t3 was 30.6

My insulin level was 61....normal is below 17...my ? is what can happen if your insulin in that high?
My triglycerides were 110...whats normal?
my glucose was 80...whats normal there?
cholesterol was 203...im sure thats high ((hdl/ldl 34/145))
my pers. stayed the same tho....i think...levothyroxine=.175 mg...

can someone tell me whats normal and what can happen if your insulin goes that high?
and what can cause it...
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yea..actually i was fasting at the time of the blood work...

i havent got to talk to my endo in person...he just sent me something in the mail..i have to have more b,w done in 3 months so i guess illl talk to him then about it..

diabetes runs in my family....and my doc told me im at higher risk..i hope i dont get it!
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Lol yeah all this is kinda confusing..im going to wait till i get home so i canread it better...and make better since of it..im in comp. class right now at school...:)
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Oh, KJ5854 came along while my eyes were glazing over and answered your questions! That's a relief, because I don't think I would have got it right at all. :-)
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Well, your TSH is 11.0, and you know that should be closer to 1.0.
Your free T4 is a little low. I'm guessing the upper limit is around 1.7, so it's not very low.

Your T3 may be driving your TSH up. That doesn't look like a Free T3 test, and I have no idea what the lab ranges are for your T3, but you should be getting a Free T3 test done, as it is the most acurate.

I just had a long talk with my wife about triglycerides and glucose and insulin, and as she explained it my eyes started glazing over. LOL!!

I don't understand it even after she explained it to me.

Your cholesterol is a little high, but not enough in my opinion to subject yourself to cholesterol meds and the risks involved with taking them.

The insulin level is more important to address than your TSH, I think.

I'll do a little research, and hopefully someone better informed will come along in the meantime and help you figure this out.
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First, are these all fasting numbers?  It makes a difference when measuring your insulin and glucose numbers.

I can address the high insulin level.  Last October I was feeling tired, groggy, grumpy, impatient, couldn't concentrate, flushed all the time etc.  My doctor ran a two hour glucose test and while my blood sugar numbers were normal (as was yours - glucose of 80 is excellent!  Fasting glucose is normal if under 100) my insulin level was 151!!!  Ideally fasting insulin should be no higher than 10, but my doctor considers anything under 20 good.  Anyway, having  high insulin circulating in your body is the first step towards Type 2 diabetes.  Right now your blood glucose is normal, however having high insulin is an indication that your cells are becoming resistant to taking in the insulin which in turns lower your glucose level.  If insulin in the blood remains high, eventually the cells will wear out and will not accept the insulin at all.  At that point, your blood glucose levels start to rise and you on your way to Type 2 diabetes.   My doctor put me on Metformin (1000 mg per day) and I changed my diet and started excercising more and lost 15 lbs.  Within two months my insulin was down to 17.  

Also, having high insulin in your body encourages your body to store fat.  Insulin is called the "fat storing" hormone.  There is a book called "The Insulin Resistant Diet" that is excellent in describing insulin resistance, what it does to your body and how to eat right so that your insulin remains low and you don't go on to Type 2 diabetes.  I recommend you read that.  You can find it at Amazon.com.

Your triglycerides are good.  Under 150 is normal.  Overall cholesterol is normal under 200.  HDL should be 45 - 90.  LDL should be between 0 and 100.  Your TSH is high.  It really should be 3.5 or less.  

Did your endocronologist discuss these results with you yet?  She/He should address the high insulin.  Even if they don't, you should as you definelty don't want to head down the Type 2 diabetes path.  Also, you can google "Insulin Resistance" and find tons of info about it.  

I hope some of that helped.
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