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What can a put on an itchy PT incision?

Also when? I went to the Dr 5-31 to have the staples removed he said wait a couple more weeks. I think I have another week to go. I am not good at waiting is there something I can do now. Or just stick to the Dr.'s orders. I was thinking maybe there is something very mild I can put on it.

Thank You,
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Hi Jean,

Please follow your doctor's advice.  It is really important.  While the wound is healing there is still plenty of gaps within the surface of your wound for infection to enter - dont rub anything on it, touch it or anything!  You don't want an infection believe me - or ask Cheryl (ChitChatNine).  

The only thing you could do is itch above or below the insicion - as long as you don't make any contact with the incision itself.  Sorry that's not the solution you are looking for.  Maybe someone else will have some great ideas?  BUT whatever you do - NO creams, NO touching it with anything!
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Thanks. I  figured that would be the case. I will not put anything on it till Dr. gives me the ok..:)  I sure know about infection. Last year I had a parotid tumor removed left side along jawline in front of ear. Size of a very large egg. First time for surgery ever.. I had a reaction to adhesive tape and my incision opened up. I got bad bad infection and still to this day have pain. My new Dr. said I have nerve irritation and had quite alot of muscle removed around that main artery. I don't know the spelling of the artery. but Dr. said that artery does not like to be messed with and will cause pain for a long time..

Congrats on your schooling. I admire you for all the hard work and effort it takes to be a nurse.  I wanted to be a RN a long long time ago.. Life took me in another direction tho.. No regrets but still love the medical field.. Maybe in  my second life I will be a nurse.. LOL...:)

Thanks again.. Jean

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You know the other day we were talking about muscle/joint/bone aches. I am a twin and was born 2 1/2 months early and my mom was an alcoholic and drank the entire time. We were very sick babies, I just wonder if all that combined could cause problems as I am getting older. I am 41.  

This is open to all. I am very interested in learning about others that were premie and now adults having health problems or have premie's.

Thanks.. Jean

You wouldn't think I am normally a quiet person and I am.. I am always here talking and talking.. Too funny...  See ya..
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Itchy is good, although annoying.  Personally, I wouldn't put anything on it.  I've had surgery 5 times on my face and have never put anything on my incision areas and they have healed beautifully.  When the stitches are out and everything is healed, I use my normal moisturizer and sunscreen- that's all.My plastic surgeon said that especially on your face and neck area- your skin is the most sensitive and some of the other stuff may burn it- mederma and others.
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Thanks so much. You may have read about me talking about the other surgery I had last year and nothing went right with that one. Thank goodness I am healing normally this time but still have lots of questions.. I am very sensitive with my face and neck too. Again thanks for such good advice. Well I am about ready to head to the mall with my 22 yr old daughter..  Take Care..

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I had spitting with the past surgery as well just learn what it was when I got a the new Dr. in April 07.  I do have a bad scar from the other surgery but it doesn't bother me. The parotid tumor surgery oh man it took a good 3 months to heal on the outside because of such bad infection spitting ect..ect.. Who know how long for the inside.. Still causes me grief.. Thank you for telling me your story. I sure feel for you.. This PT surgery has been a breeze but don't know about the normal stuff so I have all these questions.. Take care.. I missed you and all the others this weekend. I have already grown close to this group in a very short time..  See ya..

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Um yeah ...... I'm the one with the spitting stitches gone abscess gone into another cyst that ruptured and grew a granuloma .. so they remove the granuloma above the thyroid incision and IT DEVELOPS SCAR TISSUE so about 8 weeks post op the derma put cortisone cream on it to help the itch BUT IT WAS 8 weeks later and fully healed ...... do not use any cortisone for anybody reading this as it weakens the skin .. that is how it breaks down abnormal skin scarring.

Since you've had a major time of things in priory surgery you know what to look for with this surgery .. I, too, have the adhesive problem.  I don't think I'm latex allergic bcz it happens with all adhesives .. I have to use cloth hypo tape!!!

I will ask my Dermatologist about using glue on my next mole excision .. I'm tired of this spitting stitch stuff which for me comes around a month later!!!!

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i have had thyroid surgery 5 weeks ago now...under the scaring it has gone hard...is this normal?
i thought it maybe the tissue inside healing?
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The best and safest thing for a scar healing is laying on your stomach and lowering your neck into a salt bath.
It is normal for the skin to go hard afterwards but that is tissue that can be massaged afterwards and it will soften..it is scar tissue.

Leave well alone until it stops feeling sore and itchy and at least 8 weeks.

Salt baths is what I'd use.
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