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What constitutes a Thryoid Storm?

Before Methimazole, my TSH level was 0.01. After 5 weeks of Methimazole 5mg,. 1 x a day, my TSH level 7.77.
After 1-2 weeks on this med, my sleep pattern was severely disruppted, itchy, lethargic, depressed, swelling of lymph nodes, severe lack of concentration. I quit the methimazole at 4-5 weeks.. as well as my endocrinologist who  told me to continue with methimazole, half dose, 3 x a week. This was after she saw the my tsh range had changed by over 7. Did not address my symptoms, side effects as severe; just the thyroid adjusting.  I would say I was in a 'thyroid storm' ... based on my lab, should endo not have addressed this/had me monitored until i was 'safe'? (I am 63 year old, female)  
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I know the answer now. The difference between a thyroid storm and what I experienced. After some reading, I realize I experienced acute psychosis and still feeling effects though I went off the Methimazole over 2 weeks ago. I am working with my naturopath md to stabilize. I don't do well with antipsychotic medications. My RBC, hemoglobin, phosperous...all out of whack. Slowly coming back to life.  
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A thyroid storm is a state of extreme hyperthroidism when thyroid hormone levels get very high and cause symptoms such as severe heart palpitations, rapid heart rate, weight loss, diarrhea, hand tremors and other severe symptoms.  True thyroid storm is a life threatening situation and requires emergency medical intervention.  Thyroid storm can not be determined, solely on the basis of a TSH test.

It seems that what you went through on the methimazole was a stage of hypothyroidism induced by the medication preventing your thyroid from producing thyroid hormones, which is what it does.  

You're saying your TSH was 0.01, when you began taking the methimazole, but you should also have been tested for Free T4 and Free T3, which are the actual thyroid hormone levels.  Typically, when TSH is low, thyroid hormone levels are high, but it doesn't always work that way.  Sometimes, there's a mix up in the brain (the hypothalamus/pituitary axis) and both, TSH and thyroid hormone levels can be too low.  Many doctor miss this phenomenon because they only look at TSH and make the assumption that if TSH is low, thyroid hormones will automatically be high... This isn't the case.

If you have results for any Free T4 and Free T3 tests, please post them, with reference ranges.  If your doctor has never tested Free T4 and Free T3, please find a different doctor asap...
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