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What do raised TPO Thyroid Antibodies & normal TSH mean???

Dear Mark,

HELP!!! Undiagnosed for 23 years, suffering!!

What does it mean when I have TPO Thyroid antibodies of 200 (Australian Lab)?? My TSH is 0.8 and dr states T3 & T4 are normal.

I am losing my hair, eyebrows,  eyelashes. I constantly feel unwell, suffer panic attacks, IBS, depression. Wake up feeling like I've been hit by a truck. Aches and pains in joints, puffy face especially my eye lids. Menstral problems. Food allergies. Rheumatologist recently diagnosed Fibromyalga as normal ANA test but why oh why do I have raised TPO antibodies. I keep saying I think I have a thyroid problem but due to a normal TSH dr's say I dont.

What other tests should I have and I would be so, so grateful if you could explain what these antibodies could mean.

Thank you very much for any insights.

Warmest regards.
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Hi, I have had and still have antibodies in me! I had a level of 1446 AFTER my thyroid surgery!

It is actually a fact that many people can have antibodies without any symptoms. Also the number is not indicative of the symptoms. (I say this for others who are reading your post to help educate them)

There is new learning that Graves and Hashi's can be one and the same disease, with the swings of Graves going to Hashi being found at different times, giving the diagnosis of one or the other. From reading many many posts over the years I can see many people have both!

At present it would seem you have Grave's but with the ability (for wont of a better word!) to develop Hashi's in the future. (again that swinging effect)

I am likely to have Nuclear scan soon, even though my thyroid is totally removed due to rising TPO anti-bodies so am interested to see how you go!
PS I hope you aren't being rained out up in Qld, I am just outside of Melbourne!
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If your blood work came back showing TPO antibodies, you have Hashimotos Thyroiditis, an auto-immune disease of the thyrid gland. (me too) do you have your lab values and ranges? You could be on the low end of the ranges and still have miserable symptoms.
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Hi Shelley,
Thanks so much for posting a reply, really appreciated.

TSH 0.8
FT3 4.6
FT4 11
TPO 200

My GP ordered a nuclear thyroid scan and had that done today. Results in 2 days. Will that confirm a diagnosis of Hashimoto's?? If that is my problem what's next? Thanks in advance for any insights Shelley.
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I am not personally familiar with nuclear scans (haven't had one) but have read that they are done to check for nodules and thyroid activity (how the thyroid "uptakes" the radioactive iodine) It seems to be perfomed more often in "hyper" thyroid cases or if nodules are present. I have nodules so having an RAI will probably be prescribed for me at some point. I have had ultrasound & UGFNA. (ultrasound guided fine needle biopsy) Fortunately it came back benign - but I repeat it next month.
If you have anti-TPO in your blood that is a positive diagnosis of hashis. How about the "ranges" from the lab that did your blood work. That will show us where your numbers fall in the range.
My anti-TPO was 170 when I was diagnosed. TSH was 7.56. My "free T's" were not run until I was given thyroid hormone. (in my case I take natural dessicated thyroid Armour)
I would also have your blood levels of D3, B12 and a ferritin (iron) test. We need appropriate levels of D3 for thyroid hormone to be metabolized.
Please look on your lab sheets and give the "ranges".
I know where you are physically & mentally, it will improve but can be a slow process.
I have accepted I will never feel as I did, but I am able to function - thank God!
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Hi Shelley,

Thanks again for your reply. Sorry, forgot the ranges, as below:

TSH 0.8 range (0.4-4.00)
FT3 4.6 range (2.8- 6.8)
FT4 11 range (10-20)
TPO 200 range (<60)
TG 39 range (<60) These antibodies have actually dropped since my last test when they were 96.

This is the wierd thing, my TSH is within range and on the low side, raised TPO which I believe is usually Hashimoto's. Graves usually shows low TSH & high TG antibodies but TG is ok now? Hopefully know more when I get the scan results back. Gosh its all so confusing for me and my Dr.

Yes, my Vit D3 levels were on the low end of the scale @ 65 (50-300) so I have started on a supplement. This makes sense as I avoid the sun due to the rash I get. (so annoying as I live on the beach!!)

Serum Iron 27 (10-33)
Transferrin IBC 68 (45-70)
Tansferrin Saturation 40% (16-50)
Serum Ferritin Assay 61 (15-290)

Best of luck with your repeat biopsy!!

Thanks again for your interest and help.
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Ask your Doc to check for both Hashis and Graves (TSI test for Graves).
This will determine whether you you have an Autoimmune Disease.
Also taking a T3 hormone can make your TSH low.

I DONT have Hashi's but do have Graves and also have the TPO antibodies.
Another lab test is the Complement test which picks up EVERY Autoimmune Disease known to man.
The complement C1 - C50 is usually done but C3 and C4 are the most accurate ones which also pick up SLE and any IGa/IGE/IGG autoimmune diseases.

Hope that helps.
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Hi Deb and thanks so much for your reply.

Very interesting that you have the TPO antibodies and Graves as from my research it seems that TPO are indictive of Hashi's so thanks so much for that info, Graves sure seems to fit to me!

I will certainly request the TSI and Complement tests!!

Thanks again for your help, Dee.
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the nuclear uptake scan will show just how 'hungry' your thyroid is for iodine.
I would say you have Graves...personally.
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Forgot to mention...Graves Disease also comes with photosensivity (sunburn easily).
I remember one summer here in Oz...it was 23C and I got burnt to a crisp in half an hour!
Silvazine cream had to be used as 3 inches at the bottom of my T-shirt was blistered.

Since then I have also found that mozzies just love Graves!
So I wear Aeroguard non stop in spring and summer.
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Hope this is of some help to you....

Thyroglobulin Antibodies / Antithyroglobulin Antibodies

Testing for thyroglobulin antibodies (also called antithyroglobulin antibodies) is common. If you have already been diagnosed with Graves' disease, having high levels of thyroglobulin antibodies means that you are more likely to eventually become hypothyroid. Thyroglobulin antibodies are positive in about 60 percent of Hashimoto's patients and 30 percent of Graves' patients.

Thyroid-Stimulating Immunoglobulins (TSI) / TSH Stimulating Antibodies (TSAb)

TSH receptor antibodies (TRAb) are seen in most patients with a history of, or who currently have, Graves' disease. Testing is usually done for a specific type of stimulating TRAb that goes by several different names, including:
# Thyroid-Stimulating Immunoglobulins (TSI)
# TSH stimulating antibodies (TSAb)

Thyroid-stimulating immunoglobulins (TSI) can be detected in the majority - some estimates say as many as 75 to 90 percent - of Graves' disease patients. The higher the levels, the more active the Graves' disease is thought to be. (The absence of these antibodies does not, however, rule out Graves' disease.) Less commonly, some people with Hashimoto's disease also have these antibodies, and this can cause periodic short term episodes of hyperthyroidism.

When monitoring TSI, elevated levels may help predict relapse of Graves' disease, and lowered TSI levels may indicate that Graves' disease treatment is working.

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Wow, you sure do provide fantastic information, thank you very, very much! You know more about this than the idiot "Professor" Endo I saw. Wow!!!!

I will try and absorb it, get my head around it and discuss at my first appt with my brand new, recommeded Endo next month. Gosh, I hope he is better than the last one. So great to be knowledgable when seeing new Dr's, they take you seriously when you know what you are talking about and having this knowledge will certainly put me on the front foot. I cant thank you enough! Just have to get my head around it now :)

Thanks too for the info on how a nuclear scan works. I wasnt sure, my GP requested it once the TPO Antibodies showed. I agree, I am sure it's Graves! I sure hope the results confirm it, I am so tired of the medical merry-go-round, I just want to know what on earth is going on so I can treat it.

The rash I get from the sun is solar urticaria which I now believe is usally associated with Lupus?? I get all forms of hives though. And the mozzies do love me! I live in a high rise apartment on the beach now so not so much of a problem but when I go to a bbq or somewhere where they are I am always the first to get eaten alive and boy do the bites itch and hang around for days.

Can I ask, is generalised hair loss a symptom of Graves?
Also, what treatment are you on? Sorry to bother you again for more info but you are THE most help I have found in my 23 year search for answers.

A BIG hug and thank you!
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Hi and thanks for your reply, really nice to meet you. We sure were being rained out but thankfully a nice sunny day today.

This is such a complicated condition especially with the swinging back and forth. I will certainly post my results from the scan. I thought I would have them today but as my luck goes my GP has the day off so seeing him tomorrow.

How did you fare in the fires in your area?? I have never seen such devastation in my life, just no words to describe it. I hope its regenerating and the poor animals have some habitat again. Gosh, tearing up just thinking about it.  

Thanks again for connecting, I'm so grateful to meet others :)
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I have had chronic Urticaria since Dec last year (take a look at the pics in my photos) and for the first time in that 11 months....I have been clear of them for 7 days now and have weaned down slowly off the prednisolone.
I had allergy testing done...just about every blood test done and NOTHING.
THEN I had them draw a small amount of my blood and inject it into another site and Whamm!
Mine is Autoimmune Urticaria.
I tested negative 3 times for Lupus. Tell tale signs for Lupus is flushing of the face like a baby gets when teething. The SLE test is the most accurate for Lupus.

I didnt have much hair loss.
I was on anti-thyroid meds but had to have RAI as the Graves was uncontrollable.
3 days before RAI, Cancer (Thyca) was picked up and I had keyhole TT 3 moths after RAI.
I had RAI done in June 2008 and TT Sept 2008.
Ive done well after RAI...never looked back except a Pit. tumour gland was removed 6 months ago nasally.No big drama.

Levels usually good but fraction HYPO at the moment due to Prednisolone.
It stops the thyroxin from absorbing and T4 converting into T3.
I have been on a long high dose for about 2 months now and weaning down and hopefully off them in 2 weeks.

I am on Eutroxzig (T4 med only) and done great on it.

Last week there was found to be a blockage in one of my Carotid arteries in the neck (there are 4) but after many blood test, it has shown to be fluid and not plaque so on antibiotics now (after a T.I.A -mini stroke) last week and they will be putting a balloon in the artery in 2 weeks time.
BUT I must add that Vascular Disease is rampant in my Dads Family so they are saying hereditary.

My journey has been smooth and good.
Redheads journey has been he// for her.
Redhead is more knowledgable than me in regards to thyroid issues.

Great to see another Aussie here too!
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By the way...here are my results before and after RAI.....

At diagnosis.... March 2007
anti-thyroid peroxidase ...3997 KIU/L     range......<35
anti-thyroglobulin....43 KIU/L    range <35

Last week.....2 1/2 years later
anti-thyroid peroxidase.....71 KIU/L  range <60
anti-thyroglobulin......25KIU/L   range <60

Also my TSI was over 4000 before RAI and 6 months ago was <30...I was in remission.

Hope that helps you.

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Geez Red...thats high after TT!

Maybe remaining tissue?
Maybe thats why you have had the issues you have had.
I'd be getting onto that one.

My uptake scan showed 97% so my thyroid was killing me.
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Hi again. Yes, those fires were surely bad. It is growing back beautifully but the scars both humankind and nature kind are a constant reminder. I am in the throes of getting ready for the next season. (our council has pretty much ordered everyone to get ready!)  my friend lost everything, and a friend of a friend had two families killed. It is an ongoing issue for many.

  That rash you talk about, I have it too. It has taken me many blood tests, Lupus, etc. Only to find out it is called Poikladerma of Civatte....(yeah shocking name!) Means super sun sensitive and often caused by sun damage when younger.  Although my dermatologist is saying to me that they still really do not know the cause and could be an auto-immune response to the UV rays and our bodies trying to convert the melatonin. Since I have the auto-immune disease to start with it makes sense!  I have a burn time of less than 2 minutes. Being the fair skinned Irish Heritage Beauty I am!
I too, get attacked badly by mozzies! When I was a kid I had dinner plate sized welts on me. Now I look back I can see (from reading medical info) that is an allergic reaction. I have allergies to medications and the auto-immune disease, so it does make you wonder!

  Always the way! When we want our results they either aren't back or the doc took a day off! Never mind! I am sure 14 more hours or so won't hurt to wait!


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Yep, I was stunned too, at the level. I shudder to think what it was PRIOR to TT! No one would test for it even though I kicked hard! Only being opened up did they realise I truly did have Hashimoto's! (rolls eyes!)

Have a read of my latest journal and that will fill you in as to what is happening. Pain in the botty that it all is! I cancelled my US trip coz I was too exhausted and rarely come on here anymore to help people. I am peeved about that, as I have so much to share and do not want people to go through what I have done so since 1988. (sheesh...that's 22 years.....oh dear...time for a big sook cry!)
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Can someone please help me???? I have a low WBC of 3.6. I have TPO antibodies of 33IU/ML. I was diagnosed with Raynaud's and have symptoms of feeling low, tired, ache all over - generally just down and awful. My Dr said to go back in a months time and get retested.
I was also misdiagnosed with Bipolar for my mood swings and have since been told I am not bipolar. Can anyone give me some advice as to whether I have Hashimotos??????  
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You've attached to a very old thread; you'd get much more attention to your situation if you'd start a new thread of your own.  You can do that by clicking the orange "Post a Question" button at the top of the page, type your question, then click the green "Post a Comment" button.

Have you had any thyroid tests, besides the TPOab?  The high level indicates that you have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, which is an autoimmune disease, that attacks the thyroid.  

You should also get TSH, Free T3 and Free T4 and post the results.  Please be sure to include reference ranges, since those vary lab to lab and have to come from your own report.
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I have a high normal TSH level of 3.9 mt t4 is also high normal but my Tpo Ab is 212 I have tiny nodules on my thyroid which has been biopsied but came back negative for cancer, thank God. However I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in the past, 4 years ago. My condition has since worsened, can someone please tell me what is going on here?
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