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What exactly is cytomel?

hello everyone.  what exactly is cytomel?  my background:  on synthroid 125 with a tsh of 0.82.  hair loss since first diagnosis in April of 07.  I still don't feel like I am where I should be.  NO WEIGHT LOSS whatsoever etc.  Would cytomel help me feel better?

Also, what is the thyroid Pub?  Can I join?

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Cytomel is synthetic T3.
Synthroid, and other drugs like Synthroid, are synthetic T4.

Most people can take Synthroid and their body converts the T4 to T3 as needed. Some people have trouble with the conversion process, and don't get enough T3, even though they are getting enough T4.

People who have this problem do better by adding cytomel to their Synthroid, or Levothyroxine, or whatever. Some people take Armour, which has T4 and T3 combined.

Unless you are having conversion problems, Cytomel is not what you need. Comparing your Free T4 to your Free T3 can show a conversion problem if it exists.

Your TSH MAY be a little low. Dropping your dosage to 112mcg might make you feel better. It's trial and error finding just the right dose.  

The Pub is a recent creation for laughs and relaxation, and of course you may join. It's just a light hearted thread where everybody pretends their drinking and hobnobbing, and making fun of my shoes. Last week I was the bartender and drinks were free! I got fired over that one. :^(

Hey, if you get there first, you can tend bar! Free drinks are very popular. Plus, you'll get fired, and then you don't have to do anything except laugh. They keep saying we're going to do karayoke, but nobody's been brave enough to get up on stage. LOL!!

Last one out the door has to sweep up.
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On extra thought on the Cytomel. Some doctors -- and very few - will Rx this if a patients experiences fatigue on just Synthroid. ARis right - you should only use it if there is a conversion problem - but a small portion will add it to their patients for Brain fog, fatigue, and very hypo symptoms. I do not know if I agree with these doctors using it - or not agree. I never used it - I switched to Armour in Oct 07 and it was well worth it.

I was one of the ones that had a problem with the conversion process.

The pub is fun - you really have to have a sense of humor to lock in on some of the conversations. AR seems to fit the profile. It was a blast one week when we all talked about the Love Boat. AR loves shuffle board - so that how it started that night. LOL

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Thank you!
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