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What if my TSH level is at 300?

I found out today that my TSH level is at 300 compared to a normal persons 5 levels.
I am freeked...what does that high level mean and what makes it that high?
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take a look at the actual paper lab...

is it 30.0

or 300.

or .300
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hey you, take a look at what i wrote already...

I said 300.
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I think Stella wanted confirmation because with a TSH of 300 you would probably be close to being hospitalized  and feeling pretty much near death.  Mine was 251 at one point when I was off meds and I was fairly certain that death was just around the corner.
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You're here looking for info from our members that volunteer their time and experience to try to help people like yourself.  You have no reason to react in such an offensive manner.  That level of  300 is very  high. Many times we are provided results that, upon questioning,  turn out to be inaccurately typed or interpreted.  I know that Stella was just trying to make sure that the number was correct.  You owe her an apology.
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Yikes...how rude!  You ask for help, and bite the hand of the person who helped?  

Anyway, 300 is wayyy high...I thought mine was when I was told it was 43.7.  Now it is 37 and I still feel like crappola, and I hope it gets better...doc says it will...says it takes time.... Had my tt on December 31st..
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Everyone, let's not overreact here.

If her TSH is 300, she is feeling absolutely awful (and remember how hypo also affects every aspect of our lives).  She may not mean to sound rude.  You all know once we press the key it posts and we can't edit or take anything back.

Croak, What did your Doctor say about this number?

I hope there are two things happening.

1. You get started on thyroid meds immediately.
2. Your doctor carries out some more testing.  He should be testing FT3, FT4 and antibodies.  I would want to see this other testing so we can see where your other levels are at (and it will also validate the TSH of 300 which is extremely high).

I hope you are living with other people.  Please tell them to take you to the ER if you are extra drowsy / can't be woken up properly.  With levels so high you are at risk of going into a coma.

When do you see your doctor?  What has happened.

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hey, you ---- stella WAS trying to clarify your results because often they are posted incorrectly because someone didn't notice a decimal point or didn't understand what they were really seeing.  

I understand that you don't feel well, but a lot of us came here in bad shape, seeking help, yet didn't feel the need to be rude --- that gets you nowhere fast.........

Your TSH of 300 is very high, but then over range is over range -- have you had other testing done to confirm your actual thyroid hormone levels?  TSH is a pituitary hormone and is only an "indicator" of problems; it doesn't necessarily tell what the problem is......

If your FT3 and FT4 levels are in range, maybe your pituitary gland has gone berserk and doesn't recognize that the hormones are there........but if you haven't been tested for FT3 and FT4, you don't know that........

If you've had other testing done, please post the results, along with the lab's reference ranges......

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That does not mean that you suffer more than one with TSH of 11
This means that this is the structure of your body and that how it is designed
You can be symptom free with such high TSH
However ,it's quite high and need addressing
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With a TSH of 300 , you are at risk of Myexedema Coma.
Get to the Hospital.
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Where do you get this stuff?  In just four short sentences  you say that "this does not mean that you suffer more than someone with TSH of 11".  How did you come to that conclusion?
Then you go on to say "that this is the structure of your body and that how it is designed."  Then you state that "you can be symptom free with such high TSH", but go on to state that a TSH of 300 is 'quite high and needs addressing".  This is so inconsistent and confusing that you need to reconsider your message.
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In reference to stella or anyone who thought i was rude...I was not trying to be rude...if so i woulda in caps, screaming...lol, sorry about that,...however i typed the sentence correctly of 300 the first time (my first question and i get answered with a question)...it was fustrating to see that i will admit that...and there is no emotions here, you cant hear my voice...I see others want me to appologise, but they didn't see me cry when i posted my question...or answer...I did not see any lab paper work, the endocrine specialist drew me a diagram and told me it was 300 a few times...almost unheard of. It's a wonder i'm not in shock mode...got diagnosed with multinodular goiter disease, 7 months ago, the doctors knew my level was that high then and didn't do much for me but put me on a low dose of synthroid. Since I've seen the doc the other day they upped my synthroid, i am not in pain as much and sleeping patterns haven't changed. Waiting for new bloodwork and ultrasound...then new results.

thanks very much for your comments, rude or not...i appreciate them all. I am just realizing life is short and i got some plans to make...

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I am looking for help but the more i read the more it hurts.
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