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What is going on with my heartrate?

Hi all.  Was diagnosed with Hashimoto's about a month ago.  I was hyper for about a month and a half, then went hypo.  Blood tests, uptake scan and ultrasound were all done, doc decided on Hashimoto's.  I lost weight while hyper, have since gained it all back.  I have been tired throughout this whole ordeal, but some days I am wired and other days I'm not.  The past week or so I have noticed an increase in my heartrate.  It's around 90 in the afternoons and while I am working, in the mornings it is around 80.  I am wondering if I am going hyper, or slighly hyper again.  I really don't understand this disease at all.  Doctor said I shouldn't go hyper again and she thinks that I will either be normal or semi hypo for awhile and then be hypo forever in the future.  In the meantime what the hell is going on?  I feel like a yo-yo most of the time.  When my last blood test came back slighly hypo I tried Synthroid for a week and I couldn't take it, gave me panic attacks and horrible headaches, so doc took me off and I am now just waiting for my next blood test which is in about 3 weeks.  Can my increased heartrate be a sign of hyper?  Help!  And any advice with how to live with this would be great too.  I am taking a handful of vitamins daily, I am eating a gluten free diet, and will start exercise again soon.  I just feel like I am doing what I can at the moment to feel better and it really doesn't seem to be helping that much.
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You don't have to be Hyper to have an elevated heart rate, I am Hypo with Hashimoto's and have never been Hyper, yet my heart rate will be anywhere between 75 and 110 BPM
and many times it is not consistant with BP, my BP could be low, around 115/65 yet my heart rate would be 85 or 90. My average is about 84bpm. Hyper does cause a higher heart rate also, but it seems to be a symptom of both Hyper and Hypo.  Best Regards FTB4
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